Scholar Who Walks the Night – Week 9

There’s finally more action in the second last week of Show, which really should have come earlier, but better late than never I suppose?



Sung-yeol realises the truth behind the matrilineal link of Yang-sun only after being fed her blood (by herself no less), becomes strong enough to overpower Gwi, buying time for Yang-sun and Soo Hyang to escape from the underground lair. Sung-yeol comes face to face with his inner devils, which are awakened by Yang-sun’s special blood (which frankly speaking, there wasn’t much explained to why it’s so special, other than it’s part vampire, or maybe I’m not imaginative enough). And so we get to see 3 Lee Joon Gis Sung-yeols on the screen, yay to us!


Gwi on the other hand,¬†finally gets out from his underground lair, and although he’s still confined the the dark, he’s having more fun (?) by being in the midst of action instead of being just the puppeteer. Being a 200 year old narcissist, Gwi needs the attention and begins to build the stage for himself to act on, as the hero who first chased out the monster who had been staying in the palace (Sung-yeol), and then the valiant king who goes out to kill vampires that are running amok at night.


Sung-yeol managed to defeat his own devils, not without help of course, but it seems that awakened devil self is that easily tamed, as we see that the mere smell of blood at the end of Ep 18 has him in a frenzied state. Or maybe it was the anger at Gwi turning many people into vampires and killing the commoners. A coalition between Sung-yeol and Yoon finally took place, 18 episodes later, as they attempt to kill off the random vampires before Gwi gets to them. Yoon is deposed, while Hye-ryung remains in the palace, pretending to pledge her alliegiance to Gwi again. I like how Hye-ryung acts on her quick thinking to save Yoon from being killed, even if it means heading back to the underground lair which she dislikes.


Up till now I still don’t really get the purpose of Yang-sun, except for her special blood which will awaken the monster in Sung-yeol, or any of the guardian vampire, in order to defeat Gwi. I find the lack of Yang-sun in action in propelling the story forward a bore to watch, and it seems that other than her blood, all she’s good for is to write stories about the Night Scholar. It’s disappointing that the character turns out so weak, needing to be saved once too many times.

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