Scholar Who Walks the Night – Week 10

I finally decided to watch the last two episodes, two weeks after it ended. Partly because I’d read the recaps and it was totally WTF, and there was a whole slew of new dramas clamoring for my attention. Anyway, Show reminds me of Gu Family Book, where the book did not once appear, while here, the three methods to kill Gwi were not what killed him in the end. I felt cheated, and I bet many who watched Show from beginning to end felt too.


As mentioned previously, Show really should have been 16 instead of 20 episodes long, and I was totally bored to tears during the final two episodes. There were just so much talking which could really have been omitted, and it bogged down the overall pace of Show. All the main characters (except Gwi) are just talking about protecting the others and sacrificing themselves, and it goes round and round with no concrete plans. As usual, Yang-sun is the one who has absolutely no idea what she should really do to help Sung-yeol, although I have to grudgingly applaud her faith in him to overcome his own demons when he drinks her blood.


It was really an anti-climax the way Gwi was finally killed, because really? Do we have to take 20 episodes to blow apart a hole on the top of his underground lair and let the sunlight in to kill him? Then what as the whole point of tracking down Prince Junghyeon’s diary for the methods to kill Gwi? I’m also disappointed that we were never given a proper explanation of how vampires are created. Does anyone remember the concubine who was bitten, and she only turned into a vampire after Sung-yeol dropped some of his blood onto her lips? Is it time-based, this turning into vampire rules? Writer-nim, please, at least set up the basic rules if you wanna do a fantasy story, yes?


I suppose the only consistency we have is the character trajectories, at least no one underwent sudden lobotomy. As mentioned in the previous comments, Yang-sun is the most poorly written, among the main characters. Not only she’s always the damsel in distress, she’s also unbelievably slow in realising that Sung-yeol is not human. It doesn’t help that she’s stubborn too, and makes it difficult for me to root for the loveline between her and Sung-yeol.


Comparing Yang-sun to the other female characters, namely Su-hyang and Hye-ryung, they are more layered and thus more interesting. Especially Hye-ryung, because her motives were not clear in the beginning (which I wonder if she was supposed to be an antagonist from the get-go), and her moves were calculated. Nevertheless, her loveline with Yoon was much more poignant and convincing. Su-hyang may not had been altruistic in the beginning, as she aids Sung-yeol solely because he saved her when she was young and she loves him, but she is courageous in her own way, especially when she was brought to the underground lair and she fought to save herself, as well as Sung-yeol.

scholar 20_2

I lament the lack of bromance between Sung-yeol and Yoon, because why deny them the chance time and again to work together? So much time was wasted between them distrusting each other, when they could have pooled their resources much earlier on. Sung-yeol is the typical hero who has a sad and dark past, and is willing to sacrifice self for the greater good. Yoon is well, a natural leader who has the brains and foresight, although usually he’s being tied down by external factors that prevented him from acting.


Gwi is probably the most interesting character of all, because despite his insistance of his superiority over humans, he yearns companionship and love so much that he actually didn’t know how to act properly, and ends up driving everyone away from him, or serve him out of fear. I thought the scene where he carried a dead Hye-ryung back to his lair somewhat touching (in the oddest sense), that he actually loves Hye-ryung but is too effed up to show his affection in the right way. It’s also kind of funny that deep down he wanted to be friends with Sung-yeol, but his narcissistic behavior totally backfires on him.




I don’t really get the final scene, so is Sung-yeol still alive? I supposed he didn’t really die since the underground lair didn’t really cave in, perhaps drinking the matrilineal blood prevented him from being mortally wounded? What did he mean when he said he’s no longer a human nor a beast, when he was fighting his inner demons? And so is Yang-sun still a human? I suppose she is because she can be in the daylight? Why Writer-nim, did you throw more questions at us at the finale?

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  1. I’m glad he’s getting a lot of projects now, I saw that he will be in WGM too together with the female lead in falling for innocence…I am curious to see how will his dynamics be with a noona whose personality is that of a younger woman,😁

  2. Totally agree with everything you mention here…especially about the ending! The final plan was a complete joke! I felt cheated that they just blew everything up when it took 8 episodes just to find the damn memorandum. Not really sure if Sungyeol was alive at the end either, which only furthered my frustration. At least the acting was solid! 🙂

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