When No-ra re-discovers her old self, barring us viewers (who got to see the old-new No-ra back-to-back), rest of the characters end up having to pick their jaws up from the floor.


The student body


From ostracism, lukewarm curiosity to acceptance into the “in” crowd, No-ra’s impromptu performance at the Cultural Festival certainly wowed more than her “sunbaes” in Bounce. Her previous one-(wo)man stand against that pervert professor probably already earned her some form of reputation — ranging from stupidly rash to brave. Now with her impressive display of footwork, nobody will be able to say she can’t keep up with the young’uns.


Soon-nam and Seung-hyun exemplify this change in opinion from the student body. Initially aghast at having “an ahjumma” in their class, Soon-nam grudgingly comes to admire No-ra for her tenacity in sticking around. And later, as he got to know her better, that admiration grew and blossomed. Until he ends up calling her “noona”, acknowledging that yes, she has earned his respect and that she has skills which he can learn from. As for Seung-hyun, she changes her initial non-impression of No-ra juz being the “older student” to becoming impressed with No-ra’s courage at standing up to bullies.

The old and new lover


Both have to pick their jaws up from the ground, after witnessing No-ra’s hiphop performance at the Cultural Festival. Interestingly, both men are thrown back in time after watching the performance — though with different reactions.


Woo-chul, though he’d hate to admit it to himself, is definitely falling in love (again? or for the first time?) with his (ex) wife. He is reminded again of why he fell head over heels in love with No-ra in the first place, as he recalls the first time he has seen her in the dance competition donkey years ago. Not juz cos No-ra danced beautifully, but she radiated energy and life that made her very appealing. And whether he’s aware (or not), he has “killed” that No-ra he was attracted to, with his own selfishness. Not only did he not bother to help out in his family, he also had no interest in getting to know No-ra better.


Therefore, it comes as a shock when the usually meek No-ra talks back to him and blatantly disobeys him. To Woo-chul, this “isn’t” No-ra. She is an entirely new creature whom he has never got to know properly. And like typical men, his interest is piqued. Suddenly, he also wants a piece of this new woman in his life. More so when there’s competition, in the form of Hyun-seok. No-ra re-assumes the status as “his wife”, and he is “her guardian, protector and husband”, when ironically for his entire married life, he has viewed her as a nuisance and ignored her.


Hyun-seok is also thrown back in history but with a jarring realisation that oh-no, the love he had for No-ra hasn’t dimmed in years. Hilariously, when confronted with this fact, Hyun-seok regresses into the high school boy who has a massive crush on No-ra. It seems only like yesterday when he planned the little getaway with No-ra so that he can confess to her. Imo, the repetition of events where No-ra went on stage, with Woo-chul witnessing…it’s like Fate decides to rewind our OTP back to the point where everything went wrong. Except now Hyun-seok never misses that performance…so I assume it also means he will not miss the second chance to declare his love?


The only impediment in Twenty‘s loveline now is the annoying divorce secret. It feels rather lengthy to drag it for 10eps, even though it is a joy to watch No-ra grow into a better person during her journey as a university student.