This ep really feels like an Agatha Christie‘s novel, especially that of the Madame Marple’s series…


High school. In the middle of the night. A security guard patrols the empty and (of cos) eerily dark building. He hears the piano playing from the music room, and opens the door to catch the naughty culprit who has stayed overnight in school. However, the room is empty, save for the grand piano in the middle of the room.


He closes the door, and the music starts up immediately. Annoyed, he flings open the door, expecting to find giggling student(s) pranking him. Again, the music stops. A little spooked now, he turns to walk out…and the piano starts playing on its own.


Very spooked now, the security guard screams and runs off. As the door swings close, we see a ghostly figure in high school uniform.


Back at Cheo-yong’s team HQ, the guys are watching a video clip from an all girls’ (musical) high school, where a student appears to be possessed and is playing the piano furiously. Jong-hyun jokes that if the girl is possessed, she should be like Ha-yoon, exhibiting split personalities at times. Ha-yoon looks discomfited at his random comment.


Team Leader Byeon announces that Inspector Kang is treating them to dakgalbi for lunch. The team (sans Tae-gyeong) cheers and leaves. At the restaurant, Inspector Kang receives a call from someone, and leaves the table to answer. Cheo-yong overhears him agitatedly asking the other person on the line to “capture Yang Yoo-moo”.

As for Tae-gyeong, he is on his way to the dakgalbi treat…but meets a pimp harassing a high school girl and co-ercing her to “link” up with him for “business”. Tae-gyeong flashes his police badge and scares away the pimp. He takes a look at the girl and returns her to her school.

And where should that school be? (yep, u guessed right) The haunted school in our opening! (this is getting old)


Anyway, at the same (haunted) music room, a well-dressed young lady sits in front of the grand piano. (ohman, i love her heels) She reminisces about her high school life, and we get a flashback.


A girl (Yoo Ga-yong) announces chirpily the first contender for an impromptu competition: Song Da-jeon. Da-jeon plays a short piece on the piano, her fingers literally flying over the keyboard. Ga-yong then announces her “competitor”, Yang Hye-mi. Hye-mi too, is equally skilled. The girls then pair up to do a duet — Ga-yong with Da-jeon and Hye-mi with another bespectacled, shy girl, Han Ji-soo.


Ji-soo slips up on the duet piece and Ga-yong/ Da-jeon clinches the First place. But there’s no bad feelings amongst them, as Hye-mi cheerfully excuses Ji-soo’s mistake by claiming she made a few too.


In the present: Ga-yong and Da-jeon walk over to congratulate the lady (Ji-soo) at the piano. She is now a renowned pianist and is invited back to their high school for a performance. Da-jeon is currently teaching in the same high school. As Ji-soo sits in her dressing room to prep for her performance, Ga-yong and Da-jeon look on in jealousy? wistfulness? Na-young, who is wandering around (since Tae-gyeong is busy addressing the teachers on the high schooler he sent back), spots the trio and decides to follow them around.


After Ga-yong struts off, Da-jeon helps deliver a box of flowers supposedly sent by a secret admirer to Ji-soo. Ji-soo unpacks the flowers and sniffs it appreciatively.

At the recital, one student starts off playing her own piece…suddenly, she goes into a trance and starts playing the piece which Ga-yong/ Da-jeon recognise as Hye-mi’s favourite. The student body start tittering that the ghost of Hye-mi is back to haunt the students on her death anniversary. The performing student gets carried off stage after collapsing in a faint.


The emcee introduces Ji-soo next. She walks on stage and sits at the piano. Before she starts though, the skin on her hands starts corroding. Ji-soo screams in pain, and is quickly brought to the hospital. Na-young and Tae-gyeong watch with concern. Na-young spots the high school ghost, and tries to say “Hi”, but she disappears.


Peeved, Na-young tries to locate her and overhears Ga-yong and Da-jeon in a heated discussion. Both of them are pinpointing the other as being “Hye-mi’s murderer”. Angered, Ga-yong stalks off. Na-young though, is curious and poofs over to Cheo-yong to persuade him to take up the case.


Cheo-yong (who has juz finished a boxing practice with Tae-gyeong) basically tells Na-young to mind her own business. Annoyed, Na-young returns to the station and spots Ha-yoon trying to solve a case independently. And ahem…the “case” she is working on is Na-young’s possession of her body. Based on the activities Na-young has “borrowed” her body for, Ha-yoon guesses that the ghost is someone who is fairly young, interested in detective work, familiar with police ops…and has bad taste. (lol)

Even though Na-young knows that further possession may result in Ha-yoon discovering her presence, she can’t help but re-enter Ha-yoon’s body to solve the high school girl mystery. Ha-yoon (Na-young) spots Tae-gyeong and Jong-hyun in the station and drags them to the high school.


The trio splits up the work: Ha-yoon (Na-young) interviews the music teacher (Mdm Lee Won-ji), Jong-hyun looks through the local police case files on Hye-mi’s death, and Tae-gyeong interviews Hye-mi’s friends. Mdm Lee reveals that she was the one who called the police, having found Hye-mi’s body. She claimed to also see Hye-mi jumped from the school’s rooftop.


When Ha-yoon (Na-young) prompts Mdm Lee if she knows the reason for Hye-mi’s suicide, Mdm Lee guesses that it may due to stress. A week before Hye-mi’s death, Mdm Lee had encouraged her to rep the school in the annual music competition. However, during the selection, Hye-mi had froze up in front of the piano.


Tae-gyeong, meanwhile, interviews Ga-yong (who now owns an entertainment company). She sighs and says that she had hated Hye-mi in the past. During her high school days, her father’s business failed, and her mum ended up working as a convenience store’s assistant. Coincidentally, that was also where Hye-mi’s part time work venue. During one shopping trip where the girls bought friendship bracelets for each other, they happened to chance upon Hye-mi and Ga-yong’s mum on their work day. Ga-yong chose not to acknowledge her mum and walked off in shame.


However, the secret that she was no longer a rich man’s daughter leaked at school, and Ga-yong’s first instinct was to blame Hye-mi. She thought Hye-mi had told everyone. A rift began to form between the girls. Ga-yong knew that Ji-soo and Da-jeon were a little jealous that Hye-mi was selected to rep the school for the music competition, and planted an idea in their heads. She knew Hye-mi was taking medications, supposedly to suppress an allergy, and insidiously hinted to the girls to switch out the medication “for fun”.


Ga-yong claims that she wasn’t the one who switched Hye-mi’s meds, and also says that Hye-mi did send a text message to the girls to tell them to meet her at the school’s rooftop on the day she died. In the earlier police statement, Ga-yong had asserted she had never been to the rooftop. However, she owns up now that yes, she did go up — but only after Hye-mi’s body was found. And she had found a friendship bracelet belonging to Ji-soo on the ground.


After interviewing Mdm Lee, Ha-yoon (Na-young) visits Hye-mi in hospital, slipping in while Jong-hyun tries to keep her manage busy. However, Ha-yoon (Na-young) is kicked out immediately when manager oppa realises what happened.


Back at the empty HQ, Cheo-yong asks about Inspector Kang. Team Leader Byeon informs him that Inspector Kang used to be the next person in line for the position of Police Commissioner. However, his botched handling of a serial murder case demoted him and relegated him to be stuck in his post. Ha-yoon (Na-young) returns with her two oppas and Team Leader Byeon agrees to take on the case — but only wrt Ji-soo’s sabotage. Halfway through the update, Na-young pops out from Ha-yoon’s body.


Cheo-yong immediately drags the confused Ha-yoon away on pretext of going back to the high school to re-check the statements. Outside, Ha-yoon asks Cheo-yong point blank if there’s a spirit within the police team. Cheo-yong glares at Na-young to buzz off, and alone with Ha-yoon, he tacitly confirms that yes, there’s this high school girl ghost, but she doesn’t mean any harm. Amazingly, Ha-yoon takes it all in her stride. Ironically, Na-young is flustered at being “found out”.


Cheo-yong and Ha-yoon pay a visit to the forensic pathologist with pics of Hye-mi’s corpse. The pathologist says the wound on Hye-mi’s head is the cause of death, but she points out that unlike most suicides, Hye-mi has an unnaturally large amount of cuts and scrapes on her legs.


The other guys scroll through the school’s CCTVs to see who is the sender of those strange flowers. Jong-hyun suspects it’s Ga-yong, cos her dad owns a farm specialising in rare plants. However, Tae-gyeong finds something surprising on the CCTV. The sender of the flowers is none other than Ji-soo.


Night. Ji-soo, after her discharge from hospital, drops by the music room again in school. She starts playing the duet piece from her high school days, and suddenly sees Hye-mi’s ghost across her. A hand reaches out to tap her shoulder, and she yelps in fright. But it turns out to be Ga-yong. She too, had dropped by the school and wonders what Ji-soo is doing there, since she is supposed to fly back to the States tomorrow.


Cheo-yong, Ha-yoon and Na-young are also in the high school to follow up on Hye-mi’s case. Na-young goes around looking for Hye-mi’s ghost, while Cheo-yong and Ha-yoon reinterview Ji-soo and Ga-yong. Ji-soo confesses that yes, she did go up to the rooftop after receiving Hye-mi’s message. But cos of her insecurity, she had lashed out at Hye-mi and accused her of “giving” her the chance to rep the school, cos she “pitied” her. Ji-soo had slapped the music score of the duet piece out of Hye-mi’s hand, and in the process, lost her friendship bracelet.


Na-young finally finds Hye-mi, who is looking on at a crying Da-jeon on the rooftop. She approaches Hye-mi, and cajoles her to reveal her secrets. Hye-mi reaches out and touches Na-young’s hand…


In a flashback, Na-young sees Hye-mi sobbing as she writes a letter which she drops in the school’s time capsule postbox, then the same scene from the rooftop with Ji-soo…but one of the music sheets have landed on the antenna protruding from the roof. Hye-mi had clambered over the roof’s railings to retrieve it.


Before Na-young continue further, Mdm Lee arrives at the rooftop. She sees a sobbing Da-jeon and comforts her, asking if the police have also talked to her. Na-young poofs back to Cheo-yong’s side and reports what she has seen to him. Believing that Hye-mi’s letter probably contained clues to her death, the trio checks out the storeroom where old letters are kept. They locate Hye-mi’s letter(s) to her friends…and Mdm Lee.


Cheo-yong gathers the 3 friends together, and passes them Hye-mi’s letter. In it, she confessed to suffering from a muscular disease, and would be leaving Korea to seek treatment in the States. Cheo-yong guesses that Hye-mi’s inability to play the piano during the selection process is prob due to her disease, and the “allergy meds” are also medication to slow down the degeneration. The friends are shocked and saddened to hear about Hye-mi’s secret.


Suddenly, they hear frenzied playing from the music room. Rushing over, they find a student who is seemingly possessed by Hye-mi’s ghost playing the duet piece again. Ha-yoon suddenly starts jotting notes on her notepad, and runs to the library. The musical piece appears to have a bibliographical reference. Ha-yoon locates book and finds stashed within the music score which Hye-mi tried to give Ji-soo before she died. On the score are blood stains. And the person who slipped the score into the book is none other than Mdm Lee.


Mdm Lee is shocked to see the music score re-surfacing. She finally confesses to her crime — yep, she was Hye-mi’s murderer. Years ago, her husband had owed a mountain of debts, and Mdm Lee had been tempted to take bribes from parents. Hye-mi happened to chance upon one such occasion. Mdm Lee, out of guilt, was worried that Hye-mi would tell the authorities. On that fateful night, she had witness Hye-mi dangling precariously from the antenna on the rooftop.  However, instead of saving her, Mdm Lee decided to smash her head in with a brick…


With her confession, Mdm Lee is arrested, and the air of suspicion between the girls is lifted. Ji-soo decides to stay in Seoul to start anew, and the friends sit down at the pianos in the music room to play Hye-mi’s duet piece.


Epilogue: Rogue lawyer (from ep5) drives down a dark and lonely road and picks up a man hiding in the bushes. The man is thankful that Lawyer-nim is there to help him, he claims that there are people waiting to kidnap him. Lawyer doesn’t say anything and smiles coldly. When they enter a tunnel, a bunch of SUVs stop the car, and Lawyer gets out from the driver seat, while gangsters(?) drags the screaming man into the SUV.



Ahhh….if only all Madame Marple’s series have a ghost seeing detective and a ghost girl quasi-detective, then the lies and half truths would have been easy to suss out. As it is, Cheo-yong with his ability and his ghost friend stand a favourable chance to solve any crimes. After all, a ghost is more effective and less detectable than wire tapping.


In terms of storyline, ep6 is more poignant than scary. Everyone had a hand in “killing” Hye-mi, due to their own insecurities. Ji-soo doesn’t trust her own abilities, feeling inferior to the prettier and more talented Hye-mi. Ga-yong and Da-jeon too, are innately jealous of Hye-mi’s kindness and popularity. Basically, the girls complicated everything: rather than trusting their friendship and each other, they decide to drive wedges between themselves.


Mdm Lee is the extreme end of what could have happened, if any of them acted on their inadequacy and jealousy. Hye-mi certainly didn’t process that Mdm Lee meeting with the parent is a bribery session. Mdm Lee’s guilty conscience prompted her to commit murder. Her punishment came when she read Hye-mi’s touching letter to her, where Hye-mi praised Mdm Lee for her patience and dedication, and promised to return healed to play the piano.