D-Day (ep4): Weecaps

If ep3 displays the positivity and resilience of human nature when faced with a disaster, then ep4 shows the exact opposite. Welcome to the ugly side of human nature…



Hae-sung  is unable to stop the 2 ahjusshis from running towards a tottering Hangang Mirae, and he watches helplessly as the building literally swallows the men up. Shocked, he picks up a slipper left behind by one of the men, and hears cries for help beneath the rubble. Hae-sung tries to dig the ahjusshi out himself…but is unable to do so.


The able bodied men who are with the patients Hae-sung left behind rush over to help. However, the rescue effort only caused the rubble to settle in more firmly. Hae-sung breaks down at having lost 2 patients. Ddol-mi, who has ran over as well, scolds him to his senses. With no choice, Hae-sung and his ragtag band of patients continue towards the harbour.

IMG_5948 IMG_5952

They manage to board the empty ferry cruise ship and the pregnant lady’s husband steers the boat towards the other part of Seoul. However, he fails to check the fuel meter…and only realises that they can travel a short distance due to fuel shortage. (oops) Nevertheless, it’s a brief respite from the dust around the city.

IMG_5955 IMG_5956

Ddol-mi finds some canned food and drinks on board and splits it up with the patients. She finds Hae-sung staring glumly at the scenery and turns to look — half of the bridge spanning Hangang River has collapse.


Hae-sung and his band of patients only manage to make it to the next riverbank in the evening. Hae-sung decides to send the patients to Mirae Hospital…


At Mirae though, the hospital is shut off from the casualties outside. However, temporary tents have been put up and the younger doctors are rotated to help treat the injured. Hae-sung’s hoobae (that annoying fat boy who is more slacker than doctor), Myung-hyun, turns away a pregnant lady and her husband, citing Mirae as “not a gynaecology clinic”. He refuses to give suggestions, and says it isn’t “his business”. (wow) The pregnant lady’s husband is furious, but can’t do anything other than shift his wife elsewhere.


Well then, Hae-sung is naturally turned away by Mirae…until Director Park-gun notices that he has the Minister with him. Director Park-gun tells security to ONLY let in the Minister, and disperse the rest. Hae-sung, of cos is livid and gets into a quarrel with Director Park-gun, but the latter is adamant — Mirae is a private hospital, and it is not in their company’s mission to provide aid during national disaster. He tells Hae-sung to bring his “rubbish” to the govt funded hospital. (anyone wanna slap Kim Kyoung-young now? i do)


Juz then, Dr Kang staggers in (i think her son is lost?), she declares that Mirae NEEDS to open its doors. In a private meeting with Director Park-gun, she tells him it will not look good for Mirae’s corporate image, if they shun the patients during times of crisis. Director Park-gun looks conflicted…and more so, when Dr Woo-jin stands firmly on the shut-door policy. He believes that treating the influx of patients will incur a higher chance of future lawsuits — in case the patients sue for malpractice.


So what’s the solution? Make all the patients sign a disclosure form to waive off any of Mirae’s responsibility. (wow…these “doctors”..) Except for Hae-sung’s “rubbish patients” of cos, since Director Park-gun still refuses to admit them. Hae-sung drops to his knees to plead. And Dr Kang puts in a good word for Hae-sung — Mirae needs good ER doctors like him now. In the end, Director Park-gun gives an even more outlandish contract for Hae-sung’s patients — not only will they absolve Mirae of any responsibility, Dr Hae-sung will bear full responsibility of anything happens to them, as well as those other patients Mirae sees in the disaster. (wtf…)

IMG_5960 IMG_5957

The President convenes an urgent meeting to discuss the earthquake’s aid efforts, and typical of political leaders and ministers, all of them are busy pushing the blame to each other. The President shuts them up and calls Politician Goo in — he will be placed fully in charge of the recovery efforts.

IMG_5953 IMG_5954

As for Il-sub and team, they are putting in their best in fire fighting and rescuing people (or pets) trapped in rubble. Even if it means jogging for miles in their heavy fire fighting suits and helmets to heave buckets and pails of water to put out fires (and they have a firewoman on their team too). When Woo-sung hears of Hangang Mirae’s collapse, his face falls. He tries to contact his brother, but of cos, the lines are dead. (see, why did u quarrel with him last night?!)

IMG_5966 IMG_5971

Throughout the day, Woo-sung is distracted and worried, and he gets scolded by another captain for being careless — while checking a collapsed house for survivors, he nearly got hit by a caving roof.


Dr Kang finally manages to persuade Director Park-gun to convert Mirae to a full time emergency rescue centre, citing possible whiplash from the govt if they refuse to do so — since a majority of buildings and medical facilities have collapsed in Seoul. When she offers to take full responsibility for the conversion, Director Park-gun accepts her proposal. (that weasel) Dr Woo-jin looks extremely sulky though. (weasel 2)


And so, the conversion begins. All electrical supply will converge on the ground floor and its operating theatres. The cancer patients who are able to walk will be asked to check themselves out. Computer systems that are not on the critical floors will be shut down as well.


Doctors and nurses go around persuading the cancer patients to leave, and again, unhappiness ensue. The cancer patients blame the “usurpers” outside the hospital for Mirae’s decision to “throw them out on the streets”. Woo-jin smirks to see Dr Kang’s plan failing…until Hae-sung steps in and explains that Mirae isn’t “throwing” them out. It’s a doctor’s right to help patients that critically need their help. Plus the patients who are making the most noise are those who are responding well to chemotherapy and have a higher chance of their cancer cells regressing.


The patients are finally pacified, and Dr Kang sends them off in a tearful goodbye.



Oh, a small note on Woo-jin/ Hae-sung’s background. Woo-jin was the one who operated on Hae-sung’s mum during the accident. And Hae-sung ever asked if “something happened” during the op, leading to his mum being comatose. Woo-jin says no. But…Hae-sung’s face doesn’t seem to trust him 100%.


I suppose that little backstory may well explain Woo-jin’s psychological makeup today. If he DID made a mistake during the op, it may have left him with a phobia of treating patients under emergency situations. That’s why he turned to doing robotic surgery…where he need not physically handle the patients and can be detached from the entire procedure. (he juz stares into a screen during the entire op, emerging bloodless and pristine) If that is so, I may cut him a leetle slack for being so callous today. Cos he is like Director Park-gun’s image, fearing that treating patients under dire circumstances will result in future backlashes.


As of ep4, I think D-Day has done a good job in the CGI — Seoul’s skyline looks like some post-apocalyptic city, all grey and dust and blood. And our doctors (minus those at Mirae) are getting grittier by day too.

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