Nearly everyone on Cheo-yong’s team has a ghostly encounter in ep7. Well, if you hang around long enough with Cheo-yong, maybe that’d will happen.


A dead tired editor on night shift zombie walks towards GBC news station’s library to return VCR tapes. She whirls around after sensing someone or something behind her, but there’s nothing there. Shrugging, she enters the library.


Another reporter is there as well, staring silently down a row of compactus. The editor can’t find the location to return the VCR and randomly asks the reporter in the trench coat (Hwang Min-joo) if she knows. Min-joo silently points to a compactus near her.


The editor returns her tapes and casually asks Min-joo what she is doing here, cos she heard that Min-joo is supposedly on a 2-week sabbatical. Min-joo doesn’t answer. Annoyed, the editor turns away. She happens to glance at the CCTV image above her head…and she can’t find Min-joo’s image…


At the same time, a late night jogger out with his dog discovers a body buried in the woods.


Next morning. Jong-hyun preps himself to the nines for an interview as a police spokesman at GBC news station. He glances cheerfully at the ahjusshis down the row, who are his “competitors”, and confidently feels he will clinch the post. Unfortunately, Tae-gyeong is also entering the competition — on orders from Team Leader Byeon. Upset, Jong-hyun warns Tae-gyeong not to one-up him.


As predicted, Jong-hyun flubs the interview, cos he can’t even properly deliver his lines. Saddened, he walks out of the room and bumps into a pretty reporter. She ignores his rather pathetic advances and walks away. Jong-hyun follows her…until he loses her in a dark corridor.


Elsewhere, Cheo-yong is carrying out his own investigation on “Yang Yoo-moo” and Inspector Kang. He tells his informant, Dog-nose, to find out more info on “Yang Yoo-moo”. Dog-nose reluctantly agrees.


Returning to the station, Jong-hyun is back to his sunny self, declaring himself to be “in love”. Team Leader Byeon rolls his eyes and says that it is likely Jong-hyun has bad taste. Juz then the news report on TV flashes the pic of the pretty reporter. Jong-hyun excitedly says that his “target” is this woman…only to realise the report is on the body discovered by the jogger last night. (yikes)


The team is given the case to investigate, and Jong-hyun + Team Leader Byeon travel to Min-joo’s house to search for clues, whereas Ha-yoon and Cheo-yong drop by the pathologist. The pathologist informs them that Min-joo has multiple fractures on her body, typical of a road accident. However, the cause of death is the blow to her skull.


Tae-gyeong and Na-young check out Min-joo’s car, and during the car search, Tae-gyeong moves in (very) close to Na-young… not that he can see her anyway. (though Na-young’s “heart” nearly stopped) He discovers that the blackbox SD card to her car has been taken away. However, he finds her camera in the car.


On the way back to the station, Tae-gyeong rams into something…or somebody. Or rather, he meets a roadkill ghost. Na-young gives the ghost girl a scolding for scaring her oppa (while Tae-gyeong looks extremely scared + puzzled at the nothing under his car). The ghost girl whines and pleads with Na-young to solve her case.


In Min-joo’s house, Jong-hyun accidentally brushes against her pic and discovers a hidden photo of Min-joo with a man. The man in the pic is identified as Lee Jong-seok, Min-joo’s reporter sunbae. And Cheo-yong/ Ha-yoon next stop is to interview him. Jong-seok admits to being on good terms with Min-joo, but he claims that was in the past. He has lost contact with her since.


Going nowhere, the team goes back to the station. Tae-gyeong who has discovered Min-joo car’s last location to be Marco Polo hotel has retrieved the hotel’s security vids for review. In the carpark’s CCTV, they see a security guard waylaying Min-joo and forcing her to give up her camera’s SD card.


Cheo-yong and Jong-hyun pay a visit to Marco Polo Hotel to suss out that security guard, who runs the moment he sees the police. Giving chase, Team Leader Byeon (who came in through another exit) apprehends him. The security guard claims to be only acting under orders from a “Secretary Kang”.


Tae-gyeong meanwhile, manages to successfully hack into Min-joo camera’s cloud storage. He discovers a picture of a popular political candidate, Mr Kim, with a young lady.


Cheo-yong and Ha-yoon pay a visit to Politician Kim in his office. They show him the restored photo, and note that he doesn’t seem particularly shocked. Even his wife, who entered with Secretary Kang, seems more sad than angered when she saw the pic. Secretary Kang shoos the police away, but Cheo-yong signals to Na-young to hang around. (see? ghosts are the best spies) Na-young reports back later that the girl in the pic is called Jenny, and Politician Kim/ Secretary Kang appear to want to “send her away”.


The hunt is on now for the mysterious girl. Ha-yoon discovers that her name and identification reported in the database are faked. She also has no last known residential address. Jong-hyun and Team Leader Byeon drop by Marco Polo Hotel’s restaurant, where Jenny used to work. The waitress and a Chef Choi inform them that Jenny has quit — the day after Politician Kim looked for her.


Meanwhile, the evening news reports on the investigation of the body found in the woods. Jenny watches, and starts crying. Chef Choi — who appears to be cohabiting with her — hugs her and tells her to forget everything. They make plans to leave Seoul the next day.


At HQ, the team pools info on Min-joo’s case. Suddenly, they all look up in surprise — Politician Kim has come forward to plead guilty for murdering Min-joo (and Na-young thinks they can see her…bleah). In the interview room, Politician Kim says Min-joo has called him wrt the photo she has secretly taken. In a bid to preserve his reputation, he had pretended to call Min-joo out to talk at night, and ran over her with his car. However, Cheo-yong et al. are not convinced with his statement.


Unfortunately, this juicy bit of news doesn’t escape the media, who caught wind of Politician Kim’s confession. The evening news anchor starts to report on the case…only to see the ghost of Min-joo glaring at her. Shocked, but still professional, she keeps her calm and continues…next thing she knows, Min-joo has swooped over and grabbed her feet…her skin starts to burn…and she breaks down. The cameras around the studio also start to flicker.


Next day, Inspector Kang drops by having heard of the case going high profile. He sends words of encouragement to the team, and is about to leave when a troop of police bigwigs arrive at the HQ’s doorstep. The Police Comm, who used to be Inspector Kang’s hoobae, orders Inspector Kang to transfer the case to the Central Agency. However, Inspector Kang refuses to budge. The Police Comm allows Cheo-yong’s team only 10h to crack the case.


The team suspects that Jenny may be the crux to solving the case, and believes that Politician Kim is dragging time for Jenny to escape. They are right. Jenny is on the way to Incheon Bus Terminal with Chef Choi. They stop at a rest stop, and Jenny happens to see the papers reporting on Politician Kim’s arrest. She is shocked and goes to a corner to text Secretary Kang. Chef Choi discovers her, and slams her phone on the floor. He tells her they need to ensure “his” sacrifice is not “in vain”. Jenny agrees to leave with Chef Choi.


However, the short message to Secretary Kang is enough to give away Jenny’s last known location. Tae-gyeong and Jong-hyun bust into Chef Choi’s house, but discover the birds flown. Cheo-yong and Ha-yoon guess that Chef Choi + Jenny may travel towards Incheon Terminal and rush there. Secretary Kang tries to stop Cheo-yong from arresting Jenny by sending some burly thugs to stop him…but Cheo-yong juz knocks them down.


Ha-yoon chases after the escaping couple to the jetty and Chef Choi whips out a knife to stop her. Jenny, however, calms Chef Choi down and allows herself to be arrested. Back at the station, Cheo-yong re-interrogates Politician Kim…and here’s his story:


Jenny is actually Politician Kim’s son. (yes, SON) Since his birth, Jenny had wanted to be a girl. S/he finally ran away from home one day, unable to take the pressure from his/her parents and underwent a sex change op. From then on, Jenny has stayed away from acknowledging her father. Politician Kim managed to locate her and went to her work place to see her. Unfortunately, Min-joo caught them on camera, and fearing that the media will rob his child of her newfound happiness, Politician Kim sent his secretary to take Min-joo’s SD card by force.


However, Politician Kim was burdened with guilt at having to keep this secret. He called Min-joo and told her the story over the phone, promising to give up his political career if Min-joo did not leak the info to the public. Min-joo not only agreed, but encouraged him to do well in his official appointment.


During Jenny’s interview, she admits to killing Min-joo. Jenny tearfully explains that after Min-joo caught them on camera, she quit her job in the hotel. However, she was wrecked with worry, and called Min-joo out to explain. Min-joo did not turn up for the meeting. On her way back though, Jenny knocked down Min-joo who suddenly appeared in front of her car. Scared, she called Chef Choi, he suggested to bury Min-joo’s body in the woods.


Despite having a confession, the team still feels that something is amiss. They retrieve Jenny car’s blackbox and see a shadowy figure pushing Min-joo out from the side of the road. The pathologist also confirms that Min-joo’s death isn’t caused by the accident. Those fractures on her limbs are post-death. The cause of death is the wound on her head, caused by a blunt, metallic object.


Na-young tries to help find the identity of the shadowy figure who pushed Min-joo out from the road. She goes back to the accident site and meets that roadkill ghost girl again. Suddenly Na-young remembers the ghost girl has been hanging around the area for long, she asks if she has seen anything suspicious on the day Min-joo died. The ghost girl claims to have seen a man in a white SUV acting fishy.


Poofing back into HQ, Na-young relays the SUV info to Cheo-yong, who asks the team to check on the owner of the SUV — turns out to be sunbae Jong-seok. Ha-yoon and Cheo-yong rush down to GBC station to arrest him.


Jong-seok meanwhile, is greeted warmly by another opposing political candidate, who thanks him for helping remove Politician Kim from the competition. Jong-seok spots the police then, and tries to hide. Min-joo’s ghost leads Cheo-yong to the staff rest area where Jong-seok if trying to pack his stuff and run. Seeing Cheo-yong, Jong-seok strikes him with a golf club (but misses).


In a bid to escape Cheo-yong, Jong-seok hides in an empty recording studio. Suddenly, a light fixture comes crashing down. On the panel behind him, creepy words in blood appear…Min-joo asks why Jong-seok murdered her. Then the lights go out. Min-joo starts the cameras on a scared Jong-seok and the scene broadcasts to the entire nation.


Jong-seok starts stammering an excuse for his crime. He wanted to make it big, and one day Min-joo gave him the opportunity. She presented him with the pic of Politician Kim and his daughter (son), and told him of the secret. Jong-seok promised to keep quiet about it. However, he sold the info to the opposing candidate the next day. Min-joo found out about it as well.


Frightened that Min-joo would expose him, Jong-seok called to meet her in night to persuade her to join his camp. She refused, and didn’t want to hand over the original SD card to Jong-seok. In anger, he took out his golf club and hit her on her head. Frightened after killing her, Jong-seok threw Min-joo’s body out at the first car he saw on the road…which happened to be Jenny’s. Cheo-yong enters the studio then, and arrests Jong-seok.


Next day, Cheo-yong, Ha-yoon and Na-young chill outside HQ. Ha-yoon asks about the residential ghost girl’s name. Na-young is thrilled that Ha-yoon isn’t scared and wants to befriend her…but Cheo-yong looks a little peeved. He still gives Ha-yoon Na-young’s name though. Ha-yoon (facing the wrong direction) thanks Na-young for her help thus far.


Epilogue: Cheo-yong happens on Inspector Kang meeting a man secretly. He confronts him after the meeting, and point-blank asks who is Yang Yoo-moo…and whether Inspector Kang is aware that those criminals which they captured but were released in the past are now missing…(re: Do-hyeon) Inspector Kang doesn’t answer but gives Cheo-yong “a look”.



Cross fingers that the evil demon in Cheo-yong I doesn’t re-appear. Cos I have a bad feeling that the secret organisation doing away with those criminals are affiliated with him. After all, having a human mastermind is juz not Cheo-yong.


Ep7 is surprising cos of its (almost) frank discourse on homosexuality and gender changes. I suppose it’s cos this is OCN and not the major stations. But while Jenny’s gender is a hot potato, the traditional ideal of a supportive family unit far from being controversial.


Lastly, ep7’s ghost is thus far the prettiest. So much so that even Jong-hyun fell in love with her. (lol) On the other hand, it’s kinda cool that Cheo-yong’s team mates are all so pro-spirits. I love Ha-yoon’s blasé attitude towards being possessed. She even embraces her new “friend”, Na-young. And it is interesting to note that with every attempt at possession, Na-young’s spiritual powers grow stronger. At certain times, she can even turn partially corporeal and touch stuff.