Village: Secret of Achiara – First Impression

I thought I’d be too afraid to watch Show alone and at night, but hey, it’s not as creepy as I thought. The creepy atmosphere is well-established, especially for the night scenes, and it doesn’t help that the strings used for bgm are written to sound as eerie as it can get.


Show opens with the death of our main character’s Grandma, who fell to her death while she was working as a windows cleaning lady. Moon Geun Young stars as Han So-yoon, who lives with her Grandma in Canada, and moves back to Korea after Grandma’s unfortunate demise. So-yoon finds an unnamed letter with an old newspaper clipping on a car accident which So-yoon met when she was five, yet on the article she was reported as dead. So-yoon is determined to find out who sent her the clipping, whom she believes must be a relative on her maternal side.


And so So-yoon heads to the place called Achiara, which was mentioned in the unnamed letter. On the bus there, the news on radio reports on a serial killing which usually takes place on rainy Wednesday nights. It didn’t help that just a few seats away from So-yoon, a guy in black plays with two walnut shells continuously, creating an ominous atmosphere. He gets off the bus as So-yoon does, and seemingly chases after her when she starts running in fear.


The creepiness continues as So-yoon manages to reach her new apartment safely, with flicking lights on the corridor, and a creepy neighbor ahjumma who starts telling her things like, “Please live longer than the previous tenant.” Shudders. So-yoon continues to meet with strange things as she became the person who discovered a buried skeleton, which will send the entire little village into unrest. The identity of the skeleton is revealed towards the end of Episode 2, which may seem to have taken the suspense away, but I thought instead of having the viewers to keep guessing who the deceased is, we can be focused on why the circumstances is such that she died.


I wasn’t expecting a hint of supernatural here in Show, but we do have a teenage girl Seo yoo Na (Ahn Seo Hyun) who supposedly “sees death”, and she’s undoubtedly going to be pivotal in uncovering the nefarious secret behind it all. I like how all the side and main characters do not seem to have much relationships with each other, save for those who’re a family, but I believe there’s some revenge plot going on, and everyone is not who they seem to be.


Hence, my guess for who’s who and doing/did what, based on the first two episodes: the deceased, Kim Hye-jin (Jang Hee Jin) is So-yoon’s sister, and she discovered the truth behind the accident which killed the sisters’ parents. She came to Achiara two years prior to So-yoon, and her plan was to seduce the richest man Seo Chang Kwon (Jung Sun Mo), whom she believes is the perpetrator of her parents’ death. The odd art teacher Nam Geon Woo (Park Eun Seok) was perhaps her boyfriend, and he probably will be carrying out his own revenge plan. Seo’s wife Yoon Ji Sook (Shin Eun Kyung) may or may not know who killed Hye-jin, if she does, she could have been an accomplice. In fact, I think most of the main characters (except So-yoon and Yook Sung Jae‘s cute policeman character, Baek Woo Jae) have a hand in Hee-jin’s death. Seo’s son Ki-hyun (Ohn Joo Wan) seems to know more than he is showing for now, but he hasn’t appeared so much that I can try to find a link for him in Hye-jin’s death, yet.


Fingers crossed that Show will continue to be intricately written, and may there be no more deaths!

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