We open with a 8 years jump (again), and everyone, save for a few, are excited about Crown Prince So-hyeon and Prince Bong-rim’s return from Qing China. King Injo is in coma, which makes Jo Yeo-jung more worried than ever if the Crown Prince is back and Injo never wakes up from his coma, which would make the Crown Prince the next king.

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Our good guys fight against time to find incriminating evidence against Kang Joo-seon, who has been making tainted silver ingots (wow, so this illegal practice has started long before King Jeongjo’s time). Jung-myeong is still working with So-hyeon, albeit in secret, and this time round they also find themselves an alliance in Yong Ko-tae, the Qing envoy to Joseon. What Kan Joo-seon has been doing is to trade the tainted silver ingots with Qing, which does not produce their own silver. Kang also bribes the various Qing and Joseon officials and merchants involved in his illegal trade, which is why no one has ever brought up the issue.

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Kim Ja-jeom manages to find out what So-hyeon is up to, but Kang has already been arrested. Jo Yeo-jung has also managed to revive Injo, who somehow is very angry with what So-hyeon is doing. The infamous incident where Injo threw something at So-hyeon’s head was reenacted here, but So-hyeon did not die from the inflicted wound. Instead, Jo Yeo-jung summoned the same doctor who revived Injo, to secretly kill So-hyeon, when she hears that So-hyeon has been coughing in confinement.

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So-hyeon is told that Injo sent the doctor to him, and it’s sad to see So-hyeon’s eyes glimmering with hope that his relationship with his father can be salvaged, not knowing it is all a plot to kill him. The doctor applied some accupunture on him which caused the circulation to stop, killing So-hyeon slowly. Jung-myeong, Joo Won and In Woo were too late in saving So-hyeon, who took his last breath all alone, under house arrest imposed by his own father.

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In the words of Kim Ja-jeom, a tragedy is bound to happen when two parties have vastly different viewpoints. Injo is greedy for power and suspicious, thinking that everyone is out to steal his throne. So-hyeon on the other hand, is idealistic and holds his father in utmost respect, believing that Injo will one day recognise and understand his intention. It is all in vain as Injo sees his throne with more importance than understanding the vision his son has for the country, as he views it as So-hyeon is eyeing his throne.