The overall view of Cop is, it’s not a must-watch show…but it is engaging. Mainly because of Cop‘s characters. Unlike run-of-the-mill police thrillers, Cop‘s appeal doesn’t hinge on its storyline. The cases Young-jin’s Homicide team deals with isn’t as brainy as I Remember You, or God’s Quiz. Neither is Cop as action-packed as Bad Guys or Hidden Identity. Sure, there are the requisite (and well shot) fight scenes, which display the proficiency of our male — and female — cops, but the action is very  much balanced with what I consider more intimate, slower paced scenes, such as Young-jin with her family, Jae-deok with his wife, or simply, the team bonding and goofing around. (i like it that Jong-ho’s sad prediction that cases happen when cops are feasting comes true in every scene where they have


Which is why I much prefer Cop and consider it one of the better police thrillers for 2015. Cop does a good job to get you rooting and caring for Young-jin and her competent team members. They each have glaring flaws tempered with strengths. Young-jin may be a super cop, but a totally lost-in-the-air (overly doting) mother. Do-young is rather like a Young-jin in training, she is smart, but sometimes a little too rash, jumping to her own conclusions. Jin-woo is street smart and also prone to aggression (and depression). Jae-deok + Se-won may appear to be a little bit clownish, but they are the dream team of any partnership.


In contrast, the let-down in Cop‘s characterisation is baddie Chairman Kang. I don’t fault it on Sohn Byung-ho who plays Chairman Kang for having limited facial and bodily expressions, but rather, the character itself has nothing much to offer. Chairman Kang basically has 2 modes – evil, or angry. If not sneering or laughing maniacally, he is pounding on his desk, hollering at somebody (even his beloved son) or throwing stuff at his underlings. (i wun blame u for ffwding his scenes, i did) Plus, Chairman Kang is a dimwit too, he never thought to deal with Young-jin through Ha-eun and Nam-jin? (seriously?) Both of them are literally walking around unsupervised and unguarded throughout Cop, and totally unmolested by Chairman Kang and gang, who much prefer to target juz Young-jin herself. (stupid choice)


Clearly, (incompetent) Chairman Kang is the pin-up scapegoat to take all the blame in Cop, and yes, all roads crimes eventually lead to him. Whether it’s the psychopath’s serial murders or the other mini-crimes solved by Homicide team which are carried out by his group of gangsters, hired assassins, and cronies. So it’s unsurprising that Young-jin and team discover his link fairly quickly in Cop, and Chairman Kang dies in the first half of ep18, leaving at least 40mins for Cop to re-focus on the good guys we have come to love.


I admit, I do like Cop‘s neat ending. Those whom I wish will get together, got together — I loved Jin-woo and Do-young’s super hot smooch(es) while waiting for their target to appear. And Young-jin and Jong-ho’s friendship-romance finally crosses into the romantic zone, after all the sexy bantering and dancing around. I even appreciate Young-jin’s boss, Officer Yeom’s, suicide. It is both poignant, fitting and frustrating. Clearly he was a good cop, and a good boss — throughout Cop, he gives me mixed signals of wanting to protect Young-jin but at the same time, having to do Chairman Kang’s evil biddings. Although we don’t really know the reason why he defected and turned bad (we can only guess it’s cos of $$, given that his wife and daughter are overseas), it doesn’t detract from his dignified and touching exit.