Three Meals a Day (Fishing Village, Season II) (ep2): Highlights 

Poor Park Hyung-sik. Is he really that innocent or are his sunbae-nims’ (Yoo Hae-jin and Cha Seung-won) acting skills really that good?

1. Hyung-sik ah!!

Lol. The ordering around starts not long after Hyung-sik maknae is fed. True to Papa Yoo’s predictions, Chajumma starts bossing Hyung-sik around to do this, take that almost immediately. Leaving Papa Yoo with plenty of me-time to do what he wants. (like push-ups?)

And as if making the maknae run errands is not enough, his hyungs tease him mercilessly by making up impossibly tall tales — like how Papa Yoo caught..a SHARK (?!) in the last season… (oi, did Hyung-sik not do his homework and watch Fishing Village Season 1 before coming?)

2. Upgraded Mini-mart

Maybe the mini mart’s owner is embarrassed with being shown to have nothing to offer in Season 1, so he decides to revamp his mini-mart…Voila, it’s all stocked from floor to ceiling with goods and snacks now. 🙂

3. Hyung-sik and the cat

Well, at least someone doesn’t bully poor maknae on Manjae-do. Unlike with Papa Yoo/ Chajumma, Bee is clearly more affectionate with Hyung-sik, choosing to pad forward and rub all over him on his own accord. (aww)


4. Teasing the maknae

Act 1: Pls buy clams from the mini-mart.

Chajumma sets the ball rolling by telling Hyung-sik to get 5,000 won of clams from the mini-mart, and then layering it on by saying he doesn’t have enough cash, so would Hyung-sik pls help him swipe his credit card.

Anyone with a little bit of common sense may question why a small time mini mart in an offshore island would BOTHER to set up a credit card system…but no, not Hyung-sik. He happily accepts the card, and would have gone to the mini-mart had Papa Yoo not take pity on him and tell him where to get the clams — for free.

And yep, they dig it out from the rocks.

Act 2: The Snake

Again, started by Chajumma (and says who when he tsks at Papa Yoo for being “unkind”?), who tells Hyung-sik he needs a pot to preserve his kimchi. Papa Yoo offers the Snake Pot, but tells Hyung-sik to get rid of the poisonous snake very, very carefully…

See the poor boy’s terrified face? He even starts stammering, as he asks the crew if there are other empty pots…(aww)


Eventually,  he bucks up his courage and tries to “capture” the snake using a fish net (while Papa Yoo tries very hard not to laugh). Hyung-sik comments the pot feels kinda light, and Papa Yoo counters that it’s a “small snake”. (pffftttt)


When he finally opens the pot and finds a leaf, Hyung-sik is both relieved and embarrassed. While the others nearly died laughing.

5. The feasting starts

Cos the fish nets in the morning manage to trap a rather fat and large grouper, dinner that night is clam soup with grilled fish. (yumz)

To mollify Hyung-sik, Chajumma gives him the first taste of the soup and more servings of everything.

And maybe cos he’s fed Hyung-sik, Chajumma throws in a last gag post dinner. He tells Hyung-sik in earnestness that he and Papa Yoo will be recording a Hiphop album after Fishing (Season II), and Papa Yoo demonstrates the “dance steps” he will be performing…(double eye roll)


6. Cat house for Bee

After a breakfast of stir fried potatoes, Papa Yoo decides to hand make a cat platform for Bee, cos he feels that Bee probably needs some place quiet to avoid the noisy San-je.

When interviewed, Papa Yoo later reveals that he learnt his carpentry skills from his decade long experience working as a set manager for a theatre group. (whaaa)


Unfortunately, the cat isn’t interested in the platforms — at all. In contrast, San-je is more curious about it, and tries to clamber up, doggie-style, on his own.


7. Fishing!

After a lunch of handmade noodles, which Hyung-sik claims to be the best food he has ever eaten, he leaves with Papa Yoo to try their luck at fishing.

History looks set to repeat itself again (with zero catch for Papa Yoo), until Hyung-sik changes location to try out his hand at fishing and manages to hook not one, but 2, large groupers. After changing his location, Papa Yoo manages to capture a few fish himself too.

While back home, Chajumma sharpens the knife ready for sashimi slicing in the evening. He jokingly says if the guys return empty handed, he can use the knife to slice them…eeps.


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