We’re 6 episodes in, and we don’t seem to get any closer to what is the secret the whole town is trying to hide, and there’s probably more than one secret. Achiara is sure a damn secretive place.


I doubt Show is going to be going down the supernatural route, because I think there’s someone among our characters trying to continue the revenge plan that Kim Hye-jin (Jang Hee Jin) was trying to carry out. The last scene of Episode 6 where the bloody scrawl was revealed on the walls of the chapel felt a little forced, as though someone has already written the words before the memorial started, and they chose a day which is forecasted to have thunderstorm, as well as created the blackout, to make it look like the spirit of Hye-jin is back. I may be wrong of course, but at this point I think a revenge plot would be more interesting than a supernatural elements-infused one.


I’m also guessing that Hye-jin’s Mom is not her real Mom, and her real Mom is actually Ji-sook (Shin Eun Kyung). I’m a little confused about Ji-sook’s age though, please correct me if I make the wrong link here. There’s definitely something about Ji-sook that Hye-jin knows, which will threaten Ji-sook’s ambitions if it gets leaked out. I’m not quite sure how it plays out to the bigger picture, as it also seem to threaten Assemblyman Seo and whoever the bigshot is whom he was having dinner with in Episode 5. I wouldn’t be surprised Assemblyman Seo has alot more children out there than what we’re shown now.


The mother and child connection is definitely the main theme of Show, as each episode reveals more of the various ways a mother interacts with her child. The conversation Ki-hyun (Ohn Joo Wan) and So Yoon (Moon Geun Young) had in Episode 6 probably has some hints in it too, in that Ki-hyun probably knows more about his family secrets than he’s letting on now, which is why he’d rather not have a family.


I’m curious to know how Agasshi (Choi Jae Woo) plays into the big picture, and I’m still not really convinced his only crime is cross-dressing to scare random girls on the streets. Is his obsession with Hye-jin really because he finds her interesting, or does he actually know more about her? Pharmacist Joo-hee (Jang So Yoon) and art teacher Gun Woo (Park Eun Seok) are definitely in the game plan which Hye-jin had previously, though I’m not quite sure if Joo-hee is going forward with it to complete Hye-jin’s revenge, or for her own gains. And that female math teacher, I was surprised she’s also in cahoots with Joo-hee, as she reported to Joo-hee about Ki-hyun looking into how So Yoon was recruited to their school. Just how many people actually knew about Hye-jin’s plans and/or death (before her body was found), and why are they involved? What is that monster that legend has in Achiara?