Cheo-yong II (ep10): Recaps 

I love how the ghost is used as a plot twist in the finale…but shhh…am not going to divulge it now. Read on..


We catch back with Cheo-yong, who overhears Ha-yoon being kidnapped by thugs. He calls HQ for backup, but doesn’t run to Ha-yoon immediately, choosing to check out Sa-rang Cult’s homebase first.

A coup is taking place in Sa-rang Cult. Prosecutor Nam decides to wrest control from Lawyer Han, and threatens him at gun point not to interfere. A shot rings out…but we see later that Lawyer Han is still alive. He spots his right hand man, but is unable to warn him in time before Prosecutor Nam’s men kill him. Alone, Lawyer Han sneaks his way out of Sa-rang Cult.

Meanwhile, Cheo-yong tries to intervene at another cult hearing, only to be mobbed by the members. He gets beaten up but Team Leader Byeon arrives, with Prosecutor Nam, to save him. Tae-gyeong spots a videocam recording the Sa-rang’s proceedings and retrieves the SD card as evidence. Cheo-yong tells the rest to look for Ha-yoon asap.

Ha-yoon (Na-young) is brought to an old warehouse and (loosely) tied to a chair. She manages to free herself, but is unable to open the door. Na-young feels herself slipping out from Ha-yoon’s body, and decides to hastily write a note on a cardboard box to explain their situation.

And it’s not a moment too soon either, cos the next thing Na-young knows, she’s evicted from Ha-yoon’s body. Ha-yoon, naturally, looks rather lost when she “wakes” up, but a glance at the message Na-young left, she more or less grasps what have transpired. Ha-yoon decides to escape, with Na-young’s help.

With Na-young (being invisible) leading the way, and lightly moving small objects to show places to hide, Ha-yoon very nearly makes it to the exit (and Ha-yoon isn’t some pansy wallpaper either, effectively putting down the few men she stumbled across). Unfortunately, a few burly guys block Ha-yoon’s escape. Thankfully, Cheo-yong and team arrive in the nick of time to save her.

Back at the station, Ha-yoon passes the analyses she has done on Sa-rang Cult to Inspector Kang. She explains that Sa-rang Cult appears to have 2 modus operandis, with the second one appearing rather recently. Inspector Kang wonders whether it means Sa-rang Cult has 2 cult leaders. However, his interest is cut short by Prosecutor Nam, who urges him to find the missing Lawyer Han.


Everyone agrees to it…except Cheo-yong. He pulls Inspector Kang aside, and tells him of his hunch that someone on the team is leaking info to Sa-rang Cult…and he suspects Prosecutor Nam. Unfortunately, Inspector Kang pooh-poohs the idea, and vouches for Prosecutor Nam’s innocence.

The next morning, Lawyer Han drifts aimlessly around town, looking at the notices comm over the mass media for his arrest. He spots 2 patrol police checking up on random strangers, and ducks into an alley.

Na-young and Cheo-yong guess that the likeliest place Lawyer Han will turn up will be at his sister’s hospital. And yep, they find him there, apologising to his sister for coming to see her in such a sorry state. Suddenly Sa-rang’s (Lawyer Han’s sister) vital stats start plunging, and the machines beep for the nurses’ attention. They come rushing in and walk through Na-young…and Lawyer Han. Lawyer Han is shocked and looks at Na-young, questioning who she is. Na-young gently explains, that like her, Lawyer Han is now a ghost.

As soon as she says that, a pool of blood starts blossoming on Lawyer Han’s chest. He recalls the confrontation he had with Prosecutor Nam yesterday and finally remembers that he was shot.

Back at HQ, Inspector Kang is called in by his superiors to answer for secretly using his team to investigate Sa-rang Cult. In a nutshell, the top brass are unhappy that Inspector Kang solved a high profile case on his own, without using their so-called elites. They start to put down Inspector Kang’s team as nobodies, until Inspector Kang loudly displays the cases which the “elites” have refused to touch, and which were solved by his “ragtag” team. The head honchos look down in embarrassment.

But it isn’t long before a second department wants to grab credit. The Chief Prosecutor arrives, and demands to take over Sa-rang Cult’s case. Of cos, Inspector Kang gives him a piece of his mind as well. (well done!)

Not long after leaving the meeting with the top brasses, Prosecutor Nam calls Inspector Kang, telling him that he has found out Lawyer Han’s hiding place. Inspector Kang agrees to go with him alone. (nonononono)

Our fears are not wrong — in an old factory, Prosecutor Nam admits to tricking Inspector Kang. He tells him that in order for Sa-rang Cult to flourish, threats muz be eliminated. Prosecutor Nam shoots Inspector Kang in the leg, and apologises that he has to kill him here. The story he will tell to others is Inspector Kang and Lawyer Han have a shoot out. Inspector Kang is injured, but manages to kill Lawyer Han — who also shoots him in the chest. Prosecutor Nam produces the body of Lawyer Han and lays it on the ground. He fires a round in Inspector Kang’s chest.

Well, before he shoots Inspector Kang, we learn why Prosecutor Nam has “turned bad”. After years of trying his best at being a good prosecutor, Prosecutor Nam was upset that he had to release one of the crooks again cos he was a chaebol — and the crook’s defense lawyer was Lawyer Han. However, Prosecutor Nam also found out that the cases Lawyer Han took on went missing later. One night, he decided to trail after Lawyer Han, and found out about Sa-rang Cult. Lawyer Han invited him to join him…and Prosecutor Nam agreed.

To ensure all traces of evidence (and bodies) are destroyed, Prosecutor Nam’s henchmen activate a bomb before leaving the premises.

When Cheo-yong hears that Inspector Kang has left with Prosecutor Nam alone after his meeting, he immediately calls his team to trace Inspector Kang’s phone. Although they are puzzled and a little unconvinced that Prosecutor Nam is evil, they oblige. The trace leads them to the same factory where Prosecutor Nam shot Inspector Kang…and a few minutes before they arrive, the factory blows up.

The team is devastated to learn of Inspector Kang’s death (they found a charred wallet on the ground that belongs to him)…until Inspector Kang walks hale and hearty down from an ambulance. He gaffaws at the team’s shower of concern (they burst into tears again when they see him alive). Inspector Kang produces a mini recorder which has recorded the conversation (and confession) between Prosecutor Nam and himself. He thanks Ha-yoon for nagging him to wear a bullet proof vest after his car accident — the vest saved his life today.

Prosecutor Nam, who thinks he has rid Sa-rang of threats, turns to look for new criminals to punish. He spots a group of teenage boys roughing up another boy in a park…

And yep, those boys are his “criminals” that night. Prosecutor Nam tries to convince the cultists that they have to nip crime “in the bud”, hence removing “delinquent juveniles” will be Sa-rang’s main intent from now on. He also announces Lawyer Han’s death by the police’s hand. Not all the cultists buy into Prosecutor Nam’s new approach though, and some look visibly disturbed at hanging young children.

But before he can proceed, Cheo-yong and team arrive. Lawyer Han has given a tip off to Cheo-yong. Months back, he had suspected Prosecutor Nam operating under his own terms and had checked him out. In his collation, he found out that Prosecutor Nam has purchased an old church building secretly. Lawyer Han passes this info to Cheo-yong, and begs him to save Sa-rang’s followers from becoming real monsters.

Upon learning that the police have storm their new hideout, Prosecutor Nam escapes. Cheo-yong gives chase. Not long after, Prosecutor Nam is cornered by the team. He holds up his gun and points it at Cheo-yong. He fires, but similarly, Cheo-yong’s team shoot, and Prosecutor Nam topples over, dead.

Epilogue: The high profile case is finally given an end, as the media reports on the death of the second cult leader. Lawyer Han’s ghost appears in front of Cheo-yong, and admits that his brand of justice is misguided. And our team returns to solving crimes — after a short (5min) “beach” staycation — on their HQ’s rooftop.



Again, I need to repeat that Cheo-yong II is a vast improvement from Cheo-yong I, mainly cos of 2 things: the replacement of the female protagonist and Na-young’s open involvements in the team.


Unlike Sun-woo in Cheo-yong I, Ha-yoon is much more accepting of her periods of “blackouts”, and upfront confronts Cheo-yong about it. She even tells him that she has experienced possession by spirits before, and isn’t afraid of being used as a vessel by friendly ghosts. Sun-woo, on the other hand, tries to hide her possession episodes as much as she can, and is unable to talk about it…remaining bewildered and hapless until very much near the end.


Secondly, the team’s acknowledgement of Cheo-yong’s abilities and their run-in with the spiritual world make Cheo-yong II easier to watch. Jong-hyun, who experienced first hand in Cheo-yong I, how a possessed human being behaves, readily accepts the presence of maleficent beings. So does Team Leader Byeon. (maybe Cheo-yong I had to be “bad” in order for this natural progression to take place) Thus, the majority of the team isn’t so surprised to learn of Na-young’s presence. And although they are still a teensy uncomfortable with the idea, they also accept that she is a great help. More importantly, Cheo-yong doesn’t need to “hide” his ability that much anymore.


Plotwise, I much prefer the over arching story of Cheo-yong II than Cheo-yong I, mainly cos it is much more relatable. It’s hard to believe in a demon-possessed human running amok killing people, but it is possible that with an unfair justice system, people may take things into their own hands…and turn into demons themselves in the process.


That’s what happened with Lawyer Han (and later Prosecutor Nam). And it’s ironic that the latter, who used to strongly stand by the legal system turns out to be the true monster when his beliefs fail him.

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