Three Meals a Day (Fishing Village Season II) (ep3): Highlights 

As our cast (and crew) settle in to late Summer Manjae-do, a change begins to take place in all of them — they grow a shade (or 2) darker. (am serious, juz compare the before and after pics in ep1 vs ep3)

1. Fish Cutlets Croquettes

We catch back on dinner, after Papa Yoo and Hyung-sik successfully catch a few rockfish. Unfortunately, the fish catch is rather …. small. After slicing off the head/ tail, there really isn’t much meat to do a proper battered fish cutlet (see pic above for model fish cutlet).

So in order to “puff” the cutlet up, Chajumma replaces the fish meat with a mixture of mashed potatoes, corn and baby carrots. (tada, fish croquettes!) Ingenious.

And oh, there’s another problem. The chickens and quails have been pretty lazy recently, so there’s no eggs for the batter. In other words, the potato-fish mixture has to be mixed with water and hopefully, the bread crumbs don’t disintegrate in the hot oil.

Well, since it’s Chajumma we are talking about, nothing disastrous happen, and the croquettes (or mock cutlets) turn out VERY well. Hyung-sik is the most delighted of the 3, chomping through his plate and even helping to finish his hyungs’ leftovers.


2. The case of the Bee-Houdini

Being a cat, Bee’s second favourite pastime (besides sleeping) is playing hide-and-seek. The cameras in the pets’ room show that Bee is constantly MIA in the room, and he will be hiding in some weird nooks and crannies. (like under the pile of bedspread)

The next morning’s hide-and-seek game is even more daring. Bee actually squeezes through a small gap in the screen netting and runs next door to hide under Hyung-sik’s cupboard. 😛 The cast spends a few minutes hunting for the missing cat, until Hyung-sik spots Bee’s white tail peeking out from the cupboard. (and all the while San-je is worriedly barking)

3. Accepting the Manje-Tower

Given time to explore, Bee finally accepts the cat tower Papa Yoo built for him in ep2. As soon as the humans leave the room, the cat will drop all haughty pretenses and leap up to the tower’s highest floor…and get caught in the act by a suddenly-returning Papa Yoo. (heh)

4. Picnic!

The sun and sea beckon…so the cast decide to play punk for a day and not slave over household chores. They agree to a picnic and swim in the sea. For brunch (or their picnic brunch), Chajumma prepares egg drop soup and buttered rice.

Worried over the complexion, the cast (notably Papa Yoo) slathers sun block over their faces…but erm, maybe someone should help Papa Yoo with his? (his sunblock is rather thick…and he ends ups sweating sunblock later…)

After all the prep work, it’s finally time for fun. Since they haven’t had breakfast, the cast choose a shaded spot to finish up the still warm soup and rice…before taking to the waters.

Well, not everything is play — Papa Yoo harvests seaweeds along the way, and Na PD makes them pose for the poster pic for Three (Fishing II)

5. Back to work

After a day of pleasure, it’s unfortunate, but they need to get back into business. Otherwise, there will be no dinner. Armed with a new fishing lure (the plastic bobby bait, instead of fresh bait), Papa Yoo along with 2 experienced fishermen (aka the VJ and soundman) tries his luck at fishing…

6. Good things come to those who wait

Spending near to 2h with zero results (Papa Yoo can only enviously glare at his soundman and VJ who manage to catch 2-3 fish each), he FINALLY hits jackpot. The first fish is medium sized…but the humongous. Almost like the size you’d buy in a supermarket.

So its with a light and happy heart when Papa Yoo skips home and proudly shows off his catch to Chajumma.

7. A feast

Ironically, the rockfish Papa Yoo caught was so big that there’s not a single serving plate in the house big enough to plate it. (lol) Anyway, the rockfish is prepared spicy stew-styled, with generous servings of daikon and Chajumma’s special spicy-sweet sauce.


8. The up and coming actors

Nope, not talking about Hyung-sik. (who btw, received loads of praises from Chajumma and Papa Yoo prior to his departure. they comment that Hyung-sik maknae is innocent gullible and very willing to work)

I’m talking about Bee and San-je as the new upcoming actors. Prior to the hoomans entering their play room, the 2 are boisterously mock-fighting each other. The moment Papa Yoo enters, they scatter and San-je plays his “poor-puppy” card in a bid to get treats. Bee juz looks disgustedly at the dog.

9. Ho-joonie returns!!

FINALLY! The son of Manjae family is back home! And who are happiest but his proud “parents”. Ho-joon rushes to meet his sunbaes for early breakfast right after a night of award ceremony at Busan, and he shyly shows off his new luggage — from London. (woots, our Ho-joonie is travelling the world now…remember the boy who used to think he needs a passport for Jeju-do?)

On board the 7h ferry, poor Ho-joon has the bad luck to sit in between his hyungs…who encourage him to catch some sleep (after all, he hadn’t had a chance to rest after the awards ceremony)…but then proceed to talk to him, joke with him, poke him…


Sigh…how can ANYONE sleep in such conditions?! So in the end, Ho-joonie gives up and decides to juz join in the banter. (i see that he is more relaxed… and confident…what a change from the Ho-joonie we knew)

Next week’s guest — Lee Jin-wook oppa!!! (squeee!)

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  1. Lee Jin Wook!!! Screaming out loud!! Why no one wants to sub such a good show like this…

    Thank you for quick recap 🙂

  2. I’ve been watching this without subs that’s why I’m very grateful to you that you put up a summary with pictures of each episode 🙂

    Thank you so much :))

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