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It’s not light-hearted as the trailers were made to be, which frankly speaking, I don’t get why Show is advertised as such when all our characters obviously have issues to deal with. Nevertheless, the characters are not difficult to relate to, although it remains to be seen whether we’ll agree to their course of action.

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Jung Ryeo-won plays the character of Kim Heung-ah, a radio PD who has interesting ideas to engage the listeners of her program. She also happens to date a senior colleague at work, Kang Seok Joon (Lee Jong Hyuk), but they broke up at the opening of Episode 1. Heung-ah blames it on Seok Joon being a workaholic and has no time for her, making her lonely and spending festivals and birthdays alone. We see at the end of Episode 2 however, that Seok Joon tells her he would have broken up with her long time ago if he felt that he can live without her. Work’s busy is a bad excuse, buddy.

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Heung-ah’s BFF is our male lead, Park Ri Hwan (Lee Dong Wook), an Eastern Medicine doctor who practically grows up with Heung-ah. There’re many flashbacks to their childhood and teenage years, and it seems that Ri Hwan has a crush on Heung-ah since really young. It’s sweet that Heung-ah’s father (guest appearance by Park Chul Min) approves of the puppy love and practically treats Ri Hwan as a son (-in-law) till the last moment of his life. Ri Hwan is always there for Heung-ah, fussing over her like a caring brother.

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But of course, there must be a meddlesome parent somewhere, and that would be Ri Hwan’s mother, Park Sun Young (Bae Jong Ok). Sun Young is a doctor herself, albeit one that is practising western medicine, and she apparently was trying her best to treat Heung-ah’s father when he was sick. It seems that the two families have close ties to each other, as even Heung-ah’s aunt and her family treat Ri Hwan as part of the family. The same cannot be said for Sun Young treating Heung-ah with warmth, even though Heung-ah lived with the Parks after her Dad passed away. Sun Young doesn’t want Heung-ah to be any closer to Ri Hwan as they are now, and it seems that Heung-ah is afraid of Sun Young.

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A blind date is set up for Ri Hwan by Sun Young, a dentist named Hong Yi Seul (Park Hee Bon) who’ll be completing the love square that’s going to be the central conflict of Show. Yi Seul too, has secrets of her own which she hides underneath her prim and proper appearance. We learn from Sun Young that Yi Seul was almost ditched at the altar, and she kind of has a phobia of getting married. That is why Sun Young wants Heung-ah to keep her distance from Ri Hwan, so that Yi Seul will not feel unsettled or threatened that history may repeat itself. Yi Seul did meet Ri Hwan as arranged, although she was reluctant to go. However, his warm and caring personality made a lasting impression on Yi Seul, and it’s interesting to see how she starts imagining marrying Ri Hwan as she goes shopping for lingerie (?!).

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I’ll continue watching because bickering Heung-ah and Ri Hwan are awesome! I do hope our characters will be more truthful to their feelings (Ri Hwan seems to be the most honest of all so far), and we get more flashbacks to our main characters childhood.