Hwajeong – Week 23

[TSKS][Gorgeous Political][E045(720P)][KO_CN][(016665)01-24-18]

With Crown Prince Sohyeon dead, Kim Ja-jeom and Jo Yeo-jung scrambles to get Jo’s son, Prince Song-san up the throne. They planned to announce the edict when Injo is away to the hot springs with the Queen, but little did they know that Jung-myeong got to Injo first and convinced him to return to the palace and announce Prince Bong-rim as his heir.

[TSKS][Gorgeous Political][E045(720P)][KO_CN][(096935)01-26-19]

Injo managed to be swayed by Jung-myeong because he felt outraged that Sohyeon died mysteriously, and Injo was also trapped by Jo and Kim, who “reminded” Injo that he was the one who approved of sending the suspicious royal doctor to Sohyeon. Jo even produced the diary the doctor kept (all royal doctors were supposed to keep a log of which patient they saw and how they cure the patients), which effectively puts Injo in a difficult position, because pushing for an investigation would reveal that Injo “indirectly” murdered Sohyeon.

[TSKS][Gorgeous Political][E045(720P)][KO_CN][(043795)01-25-39]

Angry that he could not learn the truth behind Sohyeon’s cause of death, Injo insisted that Bongrim be made the Crown Prince, shutting out Kim Ja-jeom’s protest that Injo had agreed for Prince Song-san to be made the Crown Prince. The first thing Bongrim did was to discuss with Jung-myeong and her supporters how to effectively remove Kim and Kang Joo-seon from their powerful positions, and they came up with a trap to ensnare both men simultaneously.

[TSKS][Gorgeous Political][E046(720P)][KO_CN][(055189)01-27-15]

Making use of Kim’s and Kang’s ambitious and suspicious nature (respectively), Bong-rim pretends to ally with Kim, while Joo-won pays a visit to Kang. Jung-myeong essentially pitches both men against each other, by putting herself up as bait. While Kim plans to plant “proofs” that Jung-myeong intends to dethrone Injo (erm, like how? She’s just a princess) and make Bong-rim the next king, Kang is a step faster in having his own “proofs” planted at Prince Song-san’s quarters, that Kim intends to do away with Bong-rim and make Prince Song-san the next Crown Prince.

[TSKS][Gorgeous Political][E046(720P)][KO_CN][(099482)01-27-34]

I ended up re-watching the last part of Episode 46 as I was writing the above paragraph, and I thought the writing here is rather forced, as how can Jung-myeong dethrone Injo? And I thought Kim was telling Jo Yeo-jung that they should make use of this opportunity to ally with Bongrim and get rid of Jung-myeong after Bongrim is the king? Conversely, Kang’s plan is much better written, as Kang made use of the secret orders Kim made to the troops away from the capital to be on standby, making it look as if Kim do have the intention of making Prince Song-san the next Crown Prince instead. With 4 episodes left, I wonder how much more can the writer wring out of the political games our characters have to play.

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