Thankfully Dramabeans has decided to pick D-Day up for weekly recaps, leaving me with more time to catch up. Which…is a bad thing actually. Cos in D-Day, it never rains but pours. It’s getting really (D)epressing to keep watching our poor heroes jump through impossible hoops and climb over insurmountable obstacles. Oh dear, can someone juz pls give them a break…


Since D-Day is a disaster show, Nature first turns against our protagonists, by introducing a massive 6.5 Richter quake on a city which is ill-prepared for violent shakings. Ok, so buildings collapse, roads are blocked, necessary supplies are cut off. But…does Mother Nature need to provide a tornado to flatten Seoul permanently? (and we aren’t even discussing about after-quakes) As it is, the Seoulites are having difficulties picking themselves up.


While I appreciate the need to have a central disaster (and may even forgive subsequent mini-disasters thrown in), the one thing that irks me is the man-made disasters. It may be common for humans to display our best — and worst — traits when faced with danger or a shortage of resources. Like the group of survivors who almost turn feral in order to protect or grab whatever fuel is available. However, to be consistently selfish and looking for ways to profit from a calamity is disgusting.


And oh man, Director Park-gun so fits the role. Even the whiny, bratty intern Dae-gil has a change of heart when he sees first hand how widespread the destruction is. And snotty, ineffective Myung-hyun also has the mind to shut up once in a while. But no, Director Park is seemingly oblivious to human sufferings, despite being a medical officer. (did he buy his medical degree?) Not only is he insistent on protecting his “turf” to the extent of not providing medical help to the survivors, he is now trying to undercut whatever help the DMAT team is providing in the disaster’s aftermath. (someone juz throw him off a building already)


One thing a little strange about D-Day‘s narrative is how slow help is coming — especially from other provinces in Korea not hit by the quake. Well, the nearest larger cities around Seoul and out of the Gyeong-gi province are Pyeongchang and Sokcho…I find it very weird that no aid by air has made it through to the city.