I was wavering in my guess that Ji Sook is Hye Jin’s mother after watching last week’s episodes, but after this week’s (9 and 10), I’m back to believing my guess is correct. It doesn’t make sense that Hye Jin would seek her revenge on Ji Sook, as well as calling her the rubbish of all rubbish, unless Ji Sook is the one who secretly sold away her sibling Hye Jin, under the name of Madam Baengi (the nickname Ji Sook’s mother went by in the past).


Therefore, my guess for now is, Ji Sook gave birth to Hye Jin and Madam Baengi sold Hye Jin away, for the sake of Ji Sook’s future. Hye Jin and Ga Young most likely share the same father, OR, Ga Young’s Mom and Ji Sook are actually half sisters, which would explain the strange birthmarks Ga Young and Hye Jin shared. I was hesistant to say that I guess Hye Jin’s father is possibly Assemblyman Seo, because that would be so ugh, although if she purely wants to take revenge she wouldn’t see him as her father.


The unexpected twist from Episode 10 would be that of Gun Woo. Is he also Hye Jin’s half-sibling? What does Hye Jin mean exactly by “dirty blood”? Does she mean abandoned children of unknown parentage, or specifically her half-siblings who share the same nasty parent(s) as her? It seems as if half the younger characters are related by blood in some way or another, which is quite intriguing.


Hye Jin’s birth secret aside, given how everyone seems to be related to Hye Jin someway or another, I wonder how Agasshi’s part tie in to the story, because what has the serial murders got to do with Hye Jin’s death and/or birth secret? I really hope he is not the serial murderer, version 2 or not, although it seems he does know who the real murderer (no surprise there if it’s that shifty eyes ahjusshi with a young daughter), if he is innocent.