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The quest to remove Kim Ja-jeom and Kang Joo-seon from their power continues, and Kim is the first casualty. He takes it in his stride, revealing that he has anticipated such an outcome. Kang on the other hand, is adamant to escape unscathed, and actually sent his man to present a whole lot of silver ingots and what not to the Qing Emperor, sending word that Joseon intends to attack the mainland (the northern expedition, but in history it is another story). He hopes to make use of Qing to attack his own country just so he can retain his wealth and influence, which, argh.

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Jo Yeo-jung still tries to grasp at the few straws that she thinks she has, to have her son named as the Crown Prince. She first kills her lady-in-waiting (the one who knows the most secret of Jo, and also did all the dirty jobs), and then goes crying to Injo that it is all Jung-myeong’s malicious plotting, and the girl killed herself because she felt maligned by Jung-myeong (?). When begging with Injo failed, she decides to escape with all her children and maids in tow, but is eventually apprehended (and she resisted throughout her arrest).

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Injo’s condition worsens as the days pass, but that doesn’t mean he died doing nothing good in Show. Injo did take Jung-myeong’s words in the previous week’s episodes to heart, and decided to lay a trap for the ministers who’re in cahoots with Kang (of course he doesn’t know it is Kang, but he wanted to eliminate those who’re against Prince Bongrim to inherit the throne). He first appoints the Kim Ryu as the Chief Minister who’ll overlook all political affairs in the interim after Injo passes away, which theoretically speaking gives Kim Ryu the absolute authority.

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Injo lets all the ministers think he’s not going to make it, and gives the Royal Secretary an edict, which is to be revealed on the day Injo passes away. In a display of sheer will, Injo appears at court albeit frail, and musters all his energy to pass down his last edict, which is to convict all present at the court as rebels who planned to commit treason against the new king aka Bongrim, who’ll inherit the throne. Not long after, Injo passes away and Bongrim becomes the next king (known as King Hyojong posthumously).

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Going back to Kang Joo-seon, his wife not only secretly passes to Jo Yeo-jung’s lady-in-waiting the incriminating “evidence” that led to Kim Ja-jeom’s downfall, she also orders for In Woo to be gotten rid of. In Woo faces his assassins valiantly, and…Kang In Woo, you better not die in the finale week!