Wow, even though it’s just one episode, the parentage of Hye-jin seems clearer…not. We get as many more question marks as we get hints, though I’m by now pretty convinced Ji-sook is Hye-jin’s mother. That makes Hye-jin half-sister to not only Ga Young as revealed in Episode 11, but Yoona as well.


I was taken aback by possibility of shifty carpenter ahjusshi being Hye-jin’s father, which would make Hye-jin, Ga Young and Gun Woo half-siblings. I thought Chairman Noh is Ga Young’s father, and Hye-jin and Ga Young are probably aunt and niece. The number of half-siblings in this show is just too many. And what is it about Assemblyman Seo that Hye-jin can blackmail him to Chairman Noh?


We’re still not told how is Agasshi tied into the story as the potential serial murderer, and why is he fascinated by So-yoon now. Ok, so Hye-jin is So-yoon’s adopted sister and Hye-jin was kind to Agasshi, but so what? What else could there be that trigger Agasshi’s interest in So-yoon, such that he took a whole wall of photos of So-yoon? That’s creepy much.


I do think Hye-jin was not murdered but died due to extreme pain (and possibly anguish) while she was at the lake. I rather like the convoluted story that the writer is spinning now, because it gives endless conspiracy theory possibilities. I just hope it’ll be explained in a convincing way when the time comes.

Edit: Maybe I should explain further why I think Ji-sook is Hye-jin’s birth mother. I know Ji-sook seems too young to be Hye-jin’s Mom, but if I never remember wrongly, the character description has her as mid to late 40s. If Hye-jin is alive, she would be 31. It’s totally possible for Ji-sook to have given birth to Hye-jin, which would also explain why Mdm Baengi sold off Hye-jin, as well as why only Ji-sook keeps having visions of Hye-jin. The presence of Hye-jin would only remind Ji-sook of her past which she desparately wants to hide, which would also explain the many cryptic statements Hye-jin said previously, such as how far would someone go to hide their past. As for the point of Fabry’s disease, it is a X-linked hereditary disease, which means it can come from either father or mother. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gun Woo actually has it too, which would explain why he was interested in Ga Young’s strange mark, and him keeping her at a distance. Hope this helps anyone who’s reading this to understand better how I came to my guess.