The Village: Secret of Achiara – Guess the Secret #3

Wow, even though it’s just one episode, the parentage of Hye-jin seems clearer…not. We get as many more question marks as we get hints, though I’m by now pretty convinced Ji-sook is Hye-jin’s mother. That makes Hye-jin half-sister to not only Ga Young as revealed in Episode 11, but Yoona as well.


I was taken aback by possibility of shifty carpenter ahjusshi being Hye-jin’s father, which would make Hye-jin, Ga Young and Gun Woo half-siblings. I thought Chairman Noh is Ga Young’s father, and Hye-jin and Ga Young are probably aunt and niece. The number of half-siblings in this show is just too many. And what is it about Assemblyman Seo that Hye-jin can blackmail him to Chairman Noh?


We’re still not told how is Agasshi tied into the story as the potential serial murderer, and why is he fascinated by So-yoon now. Ok, so Hye-jin is So-yoon’s adopted sister and Hye-jin was kind to Agasshi, but so what? What else could there be that trigger Agasshi’s interest in So-yoon, such that he took a whole wall of photos of So-yoon? That’s creepy much.


I do think Hye-jin was not murdered but died due to extreme pain (and possibly anguish) while she was at the lake. I rather like the convoluted story that the writer is spinning now, because it gives endless conspiracy theory possibilities. I just hope it’ll be explained in a convincing way when the time comes.

Edit: Maybe I should explain further why I think Ji-sook is Hye-jin’s birth mother. I know Ji-sook seems too young to be Hye-jin’s Mom, but if I never remember wrongly, the character description has her as mid to late 40s. If Hye-jin is alive, she would be 31. It’s totally possible for Ji-sook to have given birth to Hye-jin, which would also explain why Mdm Baengi sold off Hye-jin, as well as why only Ji-sook keeps having visions of Hye-jin. The presence of Hye-jin would only remind Ji-sook of her past which she desparately wants to hide, which would also explain the many cryptic statements Hye-jin said previously, such as how far would someone go to hide their past. As for the point of Fabry’s disease, it is a X-linked hereditary disease, which means it can come from either father or mother. I wouldn’t be surprised if Gun Woo actually has it too, which would explain why he was interested in Ga Young’s strange mark, and him keeping her at a distance. Hope this helps anyone who’s reading this to understand better how I came to my guess.

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  1. From the beginning I was thinking that Ji Sook probably is the mother of Hye Jin.. But then the show throws so many clues and presents us with many different aspects of different stories that I don’t know what to think anymore. But I am so enjoying the drama so far and I want to see where the writers take the story from here.. 🙂

      1. Definitely she has something to do with Hye Jin being abandoned. And Ji Shook’s mother knows a lot, even though she can’t tell anyone anymore.. The story gets mpre and more intriguing that’s for sure! 🙂

  2. I never thought Ji Sook could be Hye Jin’ mother but now that I read what you wrote, it makes sense. Ji sook could have gave birth to Hye Jin when she was around 15yo. Also it’s pretty sure that Ji Sook had a child before Yoona. Remember when Yoona told Soo Yoon that her mum hates her because she knows her secret. That secret being that she killed her baby who was supposed to be Yoona’s sibling. And Hye Jin told Yoona that her real mom tried to kill her.

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