Sweet Savage Family – First Impression

I’ve only had time for one episode of this (end of the year is never not busy), and while it’s funny providing a good laughter here and there, I regret to say that if I didn’t know what Show is about prior to watching, I’d have no idea what we’re in for.


The writer assumes that we know this is the drama version of the movie Marrying the Mafia, and did not bother introducing the main characters properly, although we’re shown from the beginning that Yoon Tae Soo (Jung Jun-ho, we’re not even told the character’s name until like, pretty late into the episode) is a gangster with quite a number of henchmen under him. There’s another side to Tae Soo though, the husband who’s afraid of his wife’s temper, the father who dotes on his kids, and the filial son to his widowed mother.


There’s quite a bit of inferring to be done, such as Tae Soo is likely the second in command in the gang, to Big Boss Baek Man Bo (Kim Eung Soo), and Big Boss favors Tae Soo over his own son Baek Ki Bum (Jung Woong In). Ki Bum probably hates Big Boss for that, and I believe the ending to Episode 1 should have him rubbing his hands in glee, because Tae Soo made Big Boss lost 3 billion won in an investment.


It seems that this gang that they’re all in, is one that is adamant in changing their image, not only for the men, but also the wives. The comedy comes in the form of the whole gang trying to be cultured and refined, but inadvertently the uncouthness still shows for some, though not so much for the ladies (yet).


We’re not yet introduced to what I think is one of the main conflict of Show – the Romeo-and-Juliet-esque love story between Tae Soo’s son Sung Min (BTOB’s Min Hyuk)and Ki Bum’s daughter Hyun Ji (Girls Day’s Min Ah), although we do see that Sung Min is the pride of his parents, a smart straight-As student who takes whatever tuition lessons that Mom puts him in.


Different from Sung Min, younger sister Soo Min is spunky like Mom Eun Ok (Moon Jung Hee) is. I like the scene of how Mom stood up for Soo Min when she was accused by a fellow schoolmate of being a bully. Mom appears more like a gangster when protecting her child, while Dad Tae Soo stands by the side, and acts only when the other parent is pushing the limits.


It’s always good to have a comedy to watch admist all the serious dramas, so I wouldn’t write this off just yet. Besides, there’re so many cameos in Episode 1, I wonder if it’ll be a trait of Show. Who knows, maybe Episode 2 will build up the story better and introduce us to a more solid theme/conflict.

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