I think Show has done a good job in playing out the clues and hints it has been dropping throughout so far, because for once the viewers are connecting the dots along with most of the characters, instead of us feeling frustrated knowing something but the characters are still bumping along.


Hence, I think it’s no surprise that Ji-sook DOES turn out to be Hye-jin’s Mom, because we’re dropped hints (and some red herrings, no less) along the way to the revelation. I do think it is interesting that Ji-sook actually rejects the pregnancy and her firstborn, and that’s some serious denial and self-hypnotising going on there, lady. I think it also shows how determined Ji-sook is as a person, and her single-mindedness is what makes her a seemingly cold-blooded person.


With the birth secret out now, I believe the last two episodes will likely be about how Hye-jin died (it’s either a natural cause, or her biological father’s shifty wife killed her), why was she upset despite Ji-sook agrees to donate her kidney, and perhaps also the motives of Agasshi, as well as tying up all loose ends. I think Agasshi is likely the most interesting murderer in KDramaland this year, because he doesn’t see anything wrong in his actions, and in fact is so earnest in “making people happy”, he’s such a walking paradox, I love it.


Now that we have two episodes left, I think it’s time to decide what exactly is the secret of Achiara. I think Achiara is a creepy place because it’s such a small village, and secrets are well-kept because everyone knows everyone, and no one would want to hang their dirty linen out in the public. So some secrets become open secrets, where most people know, but they pretend they don’t know, especially when they’re indirectly connected to it.