Three Meals A Day (Fishing Village Season 2) (ep9): Highlights

Aww, ep9 marks the formal end to Three (Fishing Season 2), as ep10 is the round-up + behind-the-scenes special. (sniff) But life goes on at Chajumma‘s household, regardless of whether it’s the last shoot for the series.


1. Curry fish mussels lunch


Heh, the sudden change in lunch menu has everything to do with Papa Yoo‘s fishing ability (or lack thereof). Shortly after breakfast, Papa Yoo and Kye-sang travel offshores to fish and dig for mussels respectively. Poor Kye-sang really worked very hard. So much so that he ends up with a blister and a bad cut from a mussel’s shell. Cos those molluscs are fairly difficult to chisel out from their rocks. (oops)

image image

At least Kye-sang gets to go home with a full pail of mussels though. Poor Papa Yoo has nothing to show, and whines that the tide came in too fast (the piece of rocky outcrop they are standing on will be covered by sea water during high tides).

image image image

Chajumma is blissfully unaware that his lunch menu of breaded fish fillets with curry and vege is in jeopardy, as he and Ho-joonie busy themselves with chopping up a bunch of potatoes, leeks, carrots, and onions. When realisation hits (after Papa Yoo returns home empty handed) that there’s no fish on the menu, Chajumma takes all of 3sec to update lunch to breaded mussels and curry.

image image image image image

If you’ve ever eaten breaded (deep fried) oysters, you can more or less imagine how breaded fried mussels will taste like. Needless to say, the guys slurp everything up to the last drop of curry sauce. (oh, the curry powder is from the earlier day-trip to Kakou-do).

2. Second attempt


Embarrassed by his (constant?) failure, Papa Yoo resolves to try his luck at fishing again immediately after lunch. The remaining guys hang around at home to help Chajumma with dinner prep (seriously, the only things they do is rest + prepare food).


After a short break, where Chajumma draws a celebratory banner for Papa Yoo in the hope that he will return with the mythical sea bass in the evening, the guys start on more vege chopping. Dinner for the night will be pan fried fish (if there is any), with dolsot (hot pot) haemul-guk (seafood soup). In case you are unfamiliar, dolsot(s) need to be warmed up (with the cooked soup) over a stove/fire so that it is served bubbling hot to the diners.


Unfortunately, the makeshift stoves they have do not allow them to balance the small dolsot(s) on it. So Ho-joonie comes up with the idea of a metal frame and Kye-sang helps in realising the idea. (meaning, he did most of the twisting and hacking of the metal wires)

image image

We check back with Papa Yoo — who is indeed in luck for round 2. He fishes up 2 medium-big sized greenlings, only to release them minutes later when a humongous one bites. And it is HUGE. 46cm in length to be exact. After the greenling, Papa Yoo also manages to hook up 2 groupers and dinner’s settled.

image image image

Hurrying home with pride, Papa Yoo gets treated to a celebratory dance by the 3 guys (after Chajumma pulls the handmade banner). Without wasting much time, the 2 groupers are battered and pan fried. Then the fire is stoked to the maximum before the dolsot(s) (with the cooked soup) are placed to undergo baptism by fire.


The bubbling soup in the dolsot bowls really made me drool….=_=

3. COCKROACH invasion


YUKS! Poor Ho-joon had a fright of his life when he removes the bedding to prepare for sleep and a huge bug flies/ jumps/ pops out. Hilariously, he doesn’t dare to whack it (oh guys!!) and pleads with Bee to catch it.

image image

Bee all but takes one look at the bug and chooses to ignore it completely. Preferring instead to run after the plastic butterfly that Ho-joon swipes (near) the bug. (in the hope that Bee will decide Mr Cockroach is a better plaything than Mdm Butterfly)


Kye-sang isn’t any help either. Both men spend an hour trying to decide whether to catch the bug or make Bee catch it…and the cockroach escapes. Left with no choice, they have to leave it to Fate (or Bee) and share the room with the bug. (if it’d were me, i’ll kill it no matter what)

4. The Finale Meal


During dinner last night, Na PD warmly informs them that shooting will end a day earlier due to bad weather forecast. HOWEVER (yep, there’s always a catch), the guys will have to prepare a grand finale as breakfast/ brunch the next day…and it’s SEAFOOD BUFFET. For 4. (hahahahaha…yeah, u read that correctly)


Chajumma is all “the 4 of us can juz eat leftovers!” But no, Three is Na PD’s call, so seafood buffet it will be. And Na PD gleefully passes them 10 large dinner plates, with the order that all plates muz be filled.

image image

After a discussion on the menu the night before, the guys wake up bright and early to start on their ordeal. Since a lot of food will need to be prepared this morning/ afternoon (eventually they complete the buffet at 11am), Papa Yoo stokes up all 3 stoves (including the “baking stove”) for the buffet prep. And once that’s done, he hammers out his last masterpiece — the buffet table, complete with a cute signboard and a vase of freshly plucked wildflowers.

image image

The highlights for today’s buffet are seafood daikon stew, mussels-jeon (pancake) and… fish katsu. (still remember those days when Chajumma had to make do with fish + potato croquettes?) Using the huge greenling caught by Papa Yoo the day before, today’s fish katsu has meat. LOADS of it. The remaining buffet plates are also filled up with the cast’s premade kimchi and banchan, japchae, as well as…rice. (lol)

image image

Since we have 2 veteran actors, Chajumma and Papa Yoo immediately lapse into playacting. They pretend to be tourists in some high end hotel enjoying the breakfast buffet, and effect this really funny Korean-English throughout.

image image image

Well, we can firmly say the brunch seafood buffet challenge is a complete success, judging from how the cast enjoy their long awaited breakfast and the crew hang around trying not to drool over the food. 😛


4 thoughts on “Three Meals A Day (Fishing Village Season 2) (ep9): Highlights

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  1. Thanks for the recap. Had to watch without subs until the episode airs in Ch M but I pretty much get the gist of it. I gotta say the show is so simplistic that it is simply fantastic.

    Am, hoping for season 3 but somewhere else but looks like it is the end.

    1. hope it’s not the end of fishing village..
      still hoping of another season.. make season 3 please… im a big fan of your show producer na.

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