Ok this half-time comments post is slightly overdue, but better late than never, yes? Episode 13 to Episode 30 covered quite alot of grounds, from Hae Kang/Yong-gi falling in love with Jin-eon all over again, to the real Yong-gi being back to Korea with her young daughter, and to Hae Kang regaining her memory fully BUT seemingly forgot everything that happened to her in the past four years.


I do wonder if it’s all an act on Hae Kang’s part in Episode 29, where she reverts back to her cold self and pushes away Jin-eon harshly, despite just saying “I love you” to him the day before in Episode 28. There’s no signs yet that she’s lost her Yong-gi persona for real, and I do think it’ll be more interesting if she’s just pretending to lose the kind Yong-gi personality for the sake of revenge. Jin-eon is fighting to uncover the truth behind Hae Kang causing Yong-gi’s boyfriend’s death, but Seolli has decided to be really evil with Jin-ri and sends Jin-eon the reason behind his daughter’s death (but I thought he knew already?) It’s totally awesome that Hae Kang reminds her that she has never once won Hae Kang, nor was ever truly loved by Jin-eon and it was just all Seolli’s imagination and futile attempts to claim Jin-eon as hers.


We finally get the revelation by the end of Episode 30 that it’s all an act on Hae Kang’s part, when she reveals to Baek Seok that she’s On-gi, and pleads with him to help her protect Yong-gi, as well as atone for her past misdeeds. It’s heartbreaking that she wants to part with Jin-eon, although of course we know that’s not going to happen! I’m glad that Baek Seok remains the good friend instead of a jealous second lead (like what Seolli is), and Hae Kang acknowledges him as a friend whom she can rely on.


Yong-gi and her daughter Woo-joo mostly provides the lighter moments in Show, especially the interactions between Woo-joo and grumpypants doctor Min Kyu Seok. After much dilly-dallying, Hae Kang’s Mom finally gets to meet her other daughter, but did not dare to tell Yong-gi that they’re mother and daughter. Yong-gi and Hae Kang also get to know of each other’s existence, and I thought it’s cute that Yong-gi calls Hae Kang “3 minute older sister”. Despite taking care not to be conspicuous (frankly speaking, Yong-gi ain’t too smart in covering her tracks), Yong-gi is still found by Jin-ri’s husband, the greedy Min Tae Seok (yes, he’s grumpypants doctor’s brother), and he still wants her dead in order to keep all his secrets safe.


With 20 episodes left, I think we’re in for more angst between Jin-eon and Hae Kang, and I do hope we can have the central conflict resolved without too much lazy writing. Mostly I just want to know how will Jin-ri, her husband and Seolli fare in the end, because these three are those who’re clamoring after things that don’t belong to them. I also hope neither Hae Kang nor Yong-gi will be killed off, because that’s gonna be just too sad.