With the recent news of an extension/reduction of the episode count, I’m kinda glad I procrastinated writing this, because it’s really a 2/3-time comments post now. I get why the ratings isn’t as good as hoped, as Show is pretty slow-paced and there’s alot of recycling of the usual drama troupes.


It’s been some time since I last watched a drama where characters seemingly killed off appears back on screen alive and kicking, and here in Show, there’s a handful of them who just reappears when we thought they’re really done for. For example Bong-sam’s (Jang Hyuk) sister So-re (Park Eun Hye), she was trapped in a large wooden box and thrown into the river, surely she drowned and died, yes? But miraculously she was rescued by the owner of Songpa Stable, Jo Sung-joon and sidekick, where again they were thought to have been shot and fell over a cliff. It happened one too many times it’s like the boy crying wolf.


And then we get some frustratingly interesting (or interestingly frustrating, depends on how you look at it) characters, but mostly it gets boring eventually because they just keep repeating their threats/lies/whatever nonsense. The funniest of them all has to be Dog poop/Mae-wol (Kim Min Jung) because she’s so fixated on what her Mom told her when she was buried alive by her horrible father and brother (just because she has psychic powers), that her undesirable powers will be subdued when she meets her destined one. She thinks it is Bong-sam, and she is so hell-bent on making him her man, even though Bong-sam and So-rim (Han Chae Ah) are in love with each other (their love is so doomed).


Dog poop takes on the name of Mae-wol, after she was being nursed back to health by a novice shaman, who claims that Mae-wol is the name given to the next shaman, who supposedly will appear at the temple on her own. So Mae-wol somehow (we’re not shown how) becomes The Shaman trusted by the Joseon court, and she begins using her powers (the political ones, not the psychic ones) to help Bong-sam repeatedly when he runs into troubles with the higher-ups.


The other woman in Bong-sam’s life, So-rim, is your typical damsel-in-distress, usually giving Bong-sam more troubles than not. Of course, it’s not her fault, for she is just a pretty lady who’s being traded by her family in exchange for wealth. She marries Shin Seok-joo, who eventually finds out that Bong-sam was her lover. He lets them spend another night together, in hopes to get an offspring (because Shin is an old man but has no children). But when Shin realises So-rim meets Bong-sam time and again (usually it was a chance meeting), he decides to kill So-rim after she has given birth.


As for Bong-sam’s antagonists, Gil So-gae feels like a toothless tiger because he’s mostly acting on Shin Seok-joo’s orders and his threats and what not feels like a joke. It’s frustrating to see how Bong-sam keeps calling him hyung and being amicable with him despite knowing Gil So-gae being the one who killed his sister So-rae. Is Bong-sam an idiot or what? It seems that Shin is the real villain Bong-sam has to defeat, but he’s nowhere near the amount of wealth Shin has.

I’m staying on this train because I want to see how Bong-sam defeats all odds to be the God of Trade, but it seems like there’s going to be a fair bit of running around in circles, which frankly speaking is frustrating. I doubt the writing style is going to change, so let’s hope I wouldn’t tear out my hair too much in frustration while watching this.