We are at the halfway mark of this ultra short kdrama (with 8eps). And while I don’t dislike Cat, I find myself not exactly jumping in to watch every new ep either. It kinda falls in the “meh” category.


Imo, the 2 factors holding up the show are Yoo Seung-ho and cat. Although I can get rather frustrated with Jong-hyun — he has proven himself to be a rather careless pet owner, allowing Bot-gil to go hungry, and missing on 2 occasions. (i dun understand why his main door and windows aren’t meshed, btw…since cats are known for their Houdini-like ability to escape) Also, why put up with an annoying colleague/supervisor when I am sure there are plenty of part time jobs in Seoul?? I somehow feel he is prickly to his friends, or people who want to care about him, but kowtow to the people he should juz throw a punch to.


Despite Jong-hyun’s rather inconsistent character (and oftimes irresponsible pet care), I don’t doubt his affection for his feline friend. There’s real tenderness in Yoo Seung-ho‘s eyes when he gazes at Bot-gil or cuddles it. And Bot-gil, with its limited facial expressions, remains chubbily cute. The voiceover can be a hit and miss though. At times, the dialogue (or monologue?) matches the cat’s actions/ expressions, but other times, you juz wonder if the cat is kinda thinking the exact opposite. (or not thinking at all)


What irks me most in Cat though is Cho Hye-jung. I dunno if it’s the characterisation of Na-woo, but she feels really flat. Or maybe it’s juz her inexperience in acting? For a young girl who has lost her cat, Ha-ru, her so-called “pining” doesn’t strike any chord in me. In general, I only find her behaving in “adorable”, aegyo mode most times. There’s a lack in depth in her characterisation or portrayal of Na-woo, and it’s really hard for me to say I connect with her, or her on-screen feelings.


The second drawback is Cat‘s short narrative. 8eps are kinda skimpy to have any strong narrative lines. But then, if I compare Cat with MBC’s recent drama special Splish Splash Love which is only 2eps and manages to bring viewers on an enjoyable roller coaster ride…maybe 8eps aren’t that short after all to build up a good narrative. As it is, I find Cat rather meandering. Nothing really happens, there’s no hook (not even a cat claw) that makes me want to watch the next ep asap, or sit on the edge of my seat the whole day refreshing the kdrama-sub page. (i am sure u know what i mean)


Verdict: Cat is watchable, but I won’t place it on my priority list. If there are other better shows around (unfortunately — or fortunately? — no), Cat will very, very likely end up on the KIV shelf collecting virtual dust.