It’s kind of strange lumping Episodes 3-6 together, where it should have been 1-4 as a collective commentary, but I think I’ll write something short for Week 2’s episodes before going on to 5 and 6.


It all seems to be going on too smoothly in Episode 3, where Dong Ho (Park Sung Woong) looks set on his winning streak as a lawyer. Before we think that Kyu-man (Namgoong Min) is the villian, his father Chairman Nam is THE big bad one, dangling carrots to Dong Ho’s substitute father Seok Joo Il (Lee Won Jong) in order to get Joo Il to pressurize Dong Ho to lose the case. Because Dong Ho previously promised Jin Woo (Yoo Seung Ho) so earnestly that he’ll make sure his father is acquitted, Jin Woo lost all his respect and trust when Dong Ho had no choice but to lose the case. Jin Woo then disappeared for 4 years, and returned as the youngest lawyer in history.


Episodes 5-6 sets up the stage for Jin Woo’s revenge proper, as we are introduced to Jin Woo ver 2, resourceful, shrewd and as observant as ever. He has also found two allies (whom we have not been told how and why) Lawyer Song, the stuttering lawyer who was made to do pro bono for Jin Woo’s father 4 years ago, and Secretary Yeon (spoiler: the official website gave her age before and after 4 years), an ahjumma who seems to know very well what Jin Woo’s plans are. And like all detectives/stalkers, Jin Woo kept his own wall of information regarding each and everyone related to his father’s case as well as Chairman Nam’s Ilho Group.


I think Episode 6 explains pretty well why the full title of Show is Remember: Son’s War. It’s not just about Jin Woo’s hyperthymesia and his father’s Alzheimer’s disease, but it is also likely a war between Dong Ho and his substitute father. I’m still holding out hope for Dong Ho to be secretly planning to take down Chairman Nam but is just bidding his time and collecting evidence. Dong Ho still appears to be regretful about how things turn out four years ago, and I think he’s trying to find a way to atone for his sin, for being weak and breaking his promise to Jin Woo. I wonder how much Dong Ho will change when he finds out that his father’s death and Jin Woo’s mother’s and brother’s deaths are entwined. I wouldn’t be surprised if whatever his father was involved in was related to Chairman Nam.


Episode 6 also re-introduces us to another player on the villain side – Prosecutor Hong Moo Seok (Uhm Hyo Sup), who is now the head of department which In Ah (Park Min Young) is working as a newbie prosecutor. Both Moo Seok and In Ah recognises and are wary of each other. Moo Seok is also taking orders directly from Gyu-man, no doubt that’s going to be some really influential powers at play there which In Ah will face eventually.


I’m not all that keen on a loveline developing between In Ah and Jin Woo, because it doesn’t feel necessary and I think In Ah is feeling more of regret and helplessness 4 years ago, which propels her to feel obliged to help Jin Woo and his father now that she’s a prosecutor (and of course to avenge her friend Jung Ah’s death in some sense). I also doubt In Ah will be the light to warm Gyu-man’s heart as some viewers are hoping for, because that guy’s a psychopath incapable of loving anyone but himself.


Show will be stopped this week for the year-end awards ceremonies (boo). See you next year!