Drama Special – What is the Ghost Doing? (KBS, 2015)

Lee Joon is one of the few idol-actors whom I really like, and also has the acting chops, so I was glad that this drama special was available on flight. The premise is simple and predictable, but there was also alot of heart in the one hour of Show.


Lee Joon plays Goo Cheon Dong, almost 30 but never seems to be able to succeed in anything since the abrupt breakup with his girlfriend Cha Moo-rim (Jo Soo Hyang) 8 years ago. He blames it all on Moo-rim, but it also means he has never forgotten her for a day for the past 8 years. So imagine his shock (and fright) when he sees Moo-rim’s spirit one day, and is further shocked when she starts begging him to find her boyfriend because she wants to see him one more time.


There’re signs that Moo-rim’s death was not due to an accident but chronic disease. The story starts to unravel bit by bit and we get to learn the truth behind the breakup, her death, and the boyfriend she desperately wants to see. Through finding Moo-rim’s boyfriend, Cheon Dong learns about life, dreams and finds the strength to pursue his dreams and live a fulfilling life.  Show’s not perfectly written, but the message is clear: even if you loved ones are no longer physically around you, they’re always by your side. We should live our lives to the fullest because that’s what our loved ones would wish for us.


I’ve only seen Jo Soo Hyang in Who Are You – School 2015, and she was awesome as the nasty and slightly psychopathic schoolgirl. It’s good to see her as a cheerful and quirky ghost, a departure from the previous dark role. The chemistry between her and Lee Joon is lovely too, despite this being a one episode drama, the love between Moo-rim and Cheon Dong was adequately performed.

Watch this at: Youtube – KBS Drama Special

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