Yet another one episode drama which I caught on my flight back home, The Tailor is one of vast nostalgia of the bygone days, of regret and love that had to give way to reality. The plot is again simple and straightforward, but it’s the overall feel that Show is all about.

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Show opens with a lady in her late 50s, making a solo trip to a tailor shop after accompanying her daughter and future son-on-law to a bridal studio. She is Kyeong-hee (the younger counterpart played by Seo Ye Ji), who worked at the tailor shop for a brief period in her younger days. We get transported back to the 70s immediately as the older Kyeong-hee steps into the shop, as we follow her first day at the shop as a sewing assistant.


Kyeong-hee catches the eye of tailor Seong-hyeon (Heo Jeong-do) immediately, although the shop owner’s younger sister has a crush on him. Kyeong-hee was initially troubled by Seong-hyeon’s attention, but she gradually accepts him and they share a few bonding sessions through late-night work, bringing them closer to each other. But Kyeong-hee is rooted to the realism of life, seeing how poverty has made her family suffer, and the way out is to have a good education, which she tried to drill into her younger brother.


It was a love that was not meant to be between Kyeong-hee and Seong-hyeon, and her pragmatism deals a blow to his romantism, which ultimately led them to comfortable lives, but perhaps it was also of some regrets of losing a soulmate. Show is nostalgic and the color palette is as such too, mostly yellow and brown, the colors of autumn, signifying that the love between Kyeong-hee and Seong-hyeon is short-lived, like the leaves of a tree that have to fall off eventually. I don’t see any available streaming URLs of this in english subs, so please do leave a comment if you know of any, thanks!