This is one drama which I was really caught off guard when it ended. Why? Cos unlike other kdramas, there isn’t much toxic elements in Venus. I keep expecting something (anything) really bad to happen…but nothing did. Oh sure, Young-ho gets into an accident and the OTP have to part for a year. However, he gets back on his feet (literally) and the two lovebirds carry on as though a year didn’t pass.


The toxicity I am referring to is the long drawn slump caused usually by scheming second (male/female) leads, and since this is a story revolving around chaebols, some forms of ridiculous family strife and secret. Neither materialized. As I mentioned earlier, ep14 almost wraps up the entire narrative — every character goes on a mend. The greedy Uncle decides that forgoing his only family for riches is not worth the effort, the self sacrificing Second Mom and “not-so-legitimate” second son back off even earlier than Uncle does, bitchy frenemy clears the air and becomes friends again with female lead, and she gets her own love line for real with female lead’s (reformed) ex.


And even Grandma, the last barrier to OTP’s happy-ever-after, proves to be a non-issue. In fact, she is so un-matriarch-like in the final stretches of Venus I forgot that she was earlier a cold, calculative witch. Her meeting with Joo-eun is hilarious, cos the poor girl really over prepared herself for “impending war” (even imagining tropes which we are familiar with — such as the offering of the envelope of cash). Only to have Grandma coolly inform that she is ok with her (Joo-eun) in general, except her overly gaudy and old fashion dress sense. Something which didn’t improve in Joo-eun’s second meeting with the family — she came dressed in a overly dramatic hanbok. (but aw, Shin Min-ah‘s pretty in a hanbok) And Grandma’s sole condition and expected dowry for the marriage? To have Joo-eun bear great grandchildren for the family.


Which really gives the OTP perfect excuse to snuggle, cuddle and romp on the bed for the last 2 eps. Not that there’s anything much else to say (or do) after the Grandma hurdle is cleared. All our characters get their nice happy endings. Even Soo-jin, who is diagnosed with (possible) infertility, accepts and gets accepted by Woo-shik. However, I am quite sure given the general drift of Venus as a “healing” drama, Soo-jin’s “condition” can be cured in the future too.