Show wastes no time in moving to (what I think is) the last act – full blown mission to bring down the Nam family, although somehow I feel Jin Woo is not in the front line of action this week. But first, we must get a glimpse of what Jin Woo will become should his memory be all lost. It happened at the end of Episode 12, when he was agitated by Gyu-man, triggering the memory of the accident which took away Mom and hyung. Jin Woo’s memory returned to the time before the murder of Kyung-ah, and he returns to his old home, waiting for Dad to come back.


In Ah finally knows of Jin Woo’s condition and she breaks down in front of her dad, wondering why only bad things happen to Jin Woo. She decides with more resolve to help Jin Woo, which also results in her being the target of Gyu-man. I like that In Ah is coming to the front line more, feeding information to Prosecutor Tak (bless him for being such an upright person, not kowtowing to Chairman Nam’s money and power).


Jin Woo won the case he took on in the previous episodes, making use of a similar case which involved Ilho Group causing a bankrupt of a small company which provides parts for their electrical appliances, just so that (I think) they can absorb these small companies. Because of Jin Woo’s win, Il-ho Group faced a PR crisis as their money laundering business gets brought into the spotlight.


Thank goodness Dong Ho finally reveals to Jin Woo (his memory returns to the present timeline after a night’s sleep) that they have a common enemy in Chairman Nam, when Jin Woo bursts into Dong Ho’s office to give him a punch after knowing Dong Ho’s Dad rammed the truck into their family car. I need to see Dong Ho and Jin Woo work together, because tis is essentially two sons’ war against one big bad evil father (and his equally narcissistic son).


Dong Ho also ropes in Prosecutor Tak in his quest in bringing down Chairman Nam, as he delves deeper into the case of explosion at Seo-gwang Company which is tied to the death of his father. Dong Ho once again declares to Joo-il that they’ll go different ways, and now with Il-joo in prison (on behalf of Chairman Nam for laundering money), he has one less person on his trail on his quest to bring down Chairman Nam.


Jin Woo visits Detective Kwak in the prison for a contact of a trustable drug dealer and secures the next druggie party by Gyu-man and his chaebol good-for-nothing friend. Jin Woo intends to capture Gyu-man by his involvement in drug dealing and usage. Little did he know that his tip-off to the Prosecution Office alerted Yeo-jung, who thought that her team should lead the police to capture all at the party. She came face to face with Gyu-man as he was escaping, and lets him go as she totally did not expect her brother to be involved in these shady businesses.


Jin Woo thought he had Gyu-man cornered, as he and his lawfirm colleagues made sure they had all exits monitored but Gyu-man is more slippery than they know. It seems that Gyu-man is all prepared to escape without a trail from these kind of parties, as he had Soo-beom to prepare a car some distance away from the location of the party and drives away without any hinderance. That look on Gyu-man’s face – he is a textbook model of a psychopath.


If this week’s episodes are any indication, I think we’ll see a more collective effort in bringing down the Ilho Group, as well, it is a conglomerate that Jin Woo and Dong Ho are targeting. With 6 episodes left, Ilho Group will definitely hit back and I’m worried for In Ah as she’s being targeted by Gyu-man in his personal agenda of getting rid of Jin Woo. I think definitely more people will know of Jin Woo’s condition, and I hope it’ll be those who’re on Jin Woo’s side rather than the contrary.