Madame Antoine (ep2): Weecap

Yunno, I am starting to like this show. Antoine gives me a male lead I really dislike (for now), and am juz waiting to see him grovel — badly — in the near future.



Soo-hyun’s irrational dislike of Hye-rim turns him into a petulant child out for revenge. Thus, he decides that Hye-rim will be his next “test subject” — he fantasises about tricking her and watching her cry when she gets dumped. To set up the sham, he enlists the help of his friend, ex-baseball player Seung-chan and also his assistant, Maths genius (but EQ idiot), Ji-ho. Both will play the roles of younger men who are attracted to Hye-rim.


As for the position of Guy A — the matured, successful candidate — Soo-hyun chooses himself. And he promises to himself that he will make Hye-rim fall head over heels in love with him, so that he will get the satisfaction of kicking her aside. (jerk)


But back to Soo-hyun/ Hye-rim’s first case: that of the national gymnast (Ma-ri) who suddenly experienced loss of sight. Ma-ri nearly falls down the stairs after her consultation with Soo-hyun, and when Hye-rim tends to her, she realizes that Ma-ri’s blindness may stem from her being ostracized. She raises this with Soo-hyun, who as usual, pooh-poohs her “baseless” findings. However, he does take her words to heart, and like Hye-rim, finds out that Ma-ri has been attacked by fans of a popular male Kpop star, TX. (and juz becos she appeared on TV with him)


Unfortunately, Soo-hyun’s treatment for Ma-ri’s ostracisation is to completely ignore her distress. He made her compete in the following national competition, and when Hye-rim knows about it, she confronts Soo-hyun and scolds him for being cruel. Ma-ri overhears the conversation, and is upset with Soo-hyun’s lack of empathy. She decides to let Hye-rim take over the consultation — to Hye-rim’s discomfort.


Peeved, Soo-hyun decides to put Revenge Hye-rim plan in action. Innocuously, he asks her for her MBTI scores, and realizes she has a personality which is attracted to surprises. Thus, he orders roses for her daily, and starts a “countdown” to this “mystery admirer”. Hye-rim is definitely interested…


During the first formal consultation with Ma-ri, Soo-hyun also promises to guide Hye-rim along. She is touched by his “thoughtfulness”, not knowing it’s part of his grand plan. The consultation goes well, and Ma-ri’s confidence is slightly bolstered. During her next competition, both Hye-rim and Soo-hyun appear to support Ma-ri. Soo-hyun notices the group of fan girls, and instruct Hye-rim to make them “co-operate”. The co-operation involves Hye-rim donning on her Madame Antoine mask and pretending that one of them is pestered by an evil spirit. In order to chase the spirit away, the girls muz sing Ma-ri’s school song to support her. As usual, Hye-rim’s impeccable acting skills (and fluent but totally irrelevant French) convince the bunch of silly girls that she is the real deal and they actually did what she wanted.



Thanks to their help, Ma-ri’s sight returns and she aces the competition. After completing Ma-ri’s consultation, Soo-hyun moves on to Part 2 of his game plan. Using the guise of the secret admirer, he dates Hye-rim out for a concert…but never turns up. Hye-rim is both pissed off and puzzled. Next morning, Soo-hyun, using the pretext of a “survey”, interviews Hye-rim on how she felt when she was let down in the concert hall. Although Hye-rim is reluctant to express how she feels, she goes ahead and admits she is disappointed. Soo-hyun secretly smirks.


Unfortunately, his plan backfired big time… in his next setting, Soo-hyun plans again for the secret admirer to date Hye-rim out to a fancy restaurant and again, to “miss out” on meeting her. Juz as he is imagining (and gloating over) Hye-rim’s continued disappointment, Hye-rim throws open the door to the restaurant and coldly asks what Soo-hyun is up to.



Although we can see Hye-rim falling for Soo-hyun, she isn’t the stupid one in the relationship. Yes, she may not have Soo-hyun’s technical background in labelling people’s psyches and acting on them, but she performs exceedingly well with her keen senses of observation and instinct. Juz like how in a few words, she senses that Ma-ri has been ostracised by somebodies.


Soo-hyun too, is starting to change. His once-impenetrable walls of defenses are starting to show cracks under Hye-rim’s pointed remarks. It may be unintentional on her part, but her sharp probing reveals to us stuff that Soo-hyun himself has kept hidden. For example, when Hye-rim refers to her experience of having seen her daughter ostracised in school, Soo-hyun gets uncomfortable. He vaguely remembers his dad bringing home another woman, with a baby. The woman soon becomes Soo-hyun’s second mum. We do not know at this point whether it’s the step mum or biological mum who has abandoned Soo-hyun and scarred him. But the significance of a sibling, and a possibility that his father and step mother dote on this younger sibling more is high. Which may then explain why Soo-hyun generally distrusts the feeling of Love and prefers to keep himself at a safe distance from other humans.

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