Firstly, a happy Lunar New Year from sab and I to all who celebrates it, and I hope I can make use of the holidays to blog some of my backlogs! Watching is always easy but writing is sadly more difficult, at least for me. Anyway, Show has been good so far if you’re like me, ignore all the logical fallacies because hey, this is a drama y’know. It’s holding up my interest and Show keeps twisting and turning the story around, making it pretty difficult to expect what will happen next.


Gyu-man is finally arrested, on the pretext of raping yet another girl, this time a trainee actress. It is revealed that Gyu-man runs an entertainment company as well, and the representative of the company often sends young girls for Gyu-man to “play” with, and the acts are all recorded. All of these were revealed to Jin Woo by Gyu-man’s chaebol friend Chul-soo, who was arrested when the drug party was busted by Yeo Jin.


Jin Woo decides to use Chul-soo as his information source about Gyu-man, and also working together with Dong-ho to bring down the entire Il-ho Group. There’re not many choices for Jin Woo and Dong-ho now, as Prosecutor Tak has defected to the dark side (I’m still holding out some hope that he’s just trying to fish out more information by planting himself beside Chairman Nam) and Dong-ho belatedly realised his detective friend has been working for Chairman Nam for years.


Dong-ho instead decides to rely on Prosecutor Chae (remember that ahjumma prosecutor who took on the re-trial of Jin Woo’s Dad?), making use of her ambitious character and dangle the carrot of guaranteed promotion if she is able to take down the entire Il-ho Group. It worked like magic, and Prosecutor Chae gets down to work immediately, apprehending Gyu-man without further ado. Jin Woo and In-ah provides her with all the necessary evidence and a great deal of persuasion with the victim to recount what happened as well as taking stand as a witness.


I feel this week’s episodes are not so much on Jin Woo, but rather Dong-ho, as we see Chairman Nam ordered a hit on him, to Joo-il no less. But Chairman Nam being the wily fox, makes sure that Dong-ho is gotten rid off, and (I think) he ordered the detective to stab Joo-il after Dong-ho left from a meeting with Joo-il. Chairman Nam set a trap to ensnare Dong-ho, and I think it’s up to Jin Woo and In Ah to prove Dong-ho’s innocence. With 4 episodes left and Dong-ho being framed in Joo-il’s attempted murder, I doubt Gyu-man can escape any further (especially when Seok-gyu now has the real murder weapon of Jung-ah, handed over by Soo-beom). Jin Woo has alot of grounds to cover before his memories go poof.