This is super overdue, but hey, actually not much transpired in the past 12 episodes or so. Some more (age old) secrets get revealed, some relationships mend (okay, one relationship only), more noble idiocy onboard. Ugh. (This post covers up to about Episode 42.)



So basically Jin-eon found out that Hae-kang was feigning the hatred for him, she dropped her facade in front of him when confronted by this ahjusshi whom she put to jail on her father-in-law’s orders (and this ahjusshi caused the death of her daughter, no less). Hae-kang can no longer hide her longing for Jin-eon, and they had some couply moments and a hot kiss (which was stopped abruptly because Hae-kang remembers she should be a noble idiot).


Jin-eon also realises Hae-kang has been stalked and threatened by some unknown, and tracks down on her behalf who it is. Turns out her stalker is the son of the ahjusshi, and he’s mad at Hae-kang for destroying his family (why stalk her only now and not 4 years ago?). Not only Jin-eon is on his track, brother-in-law Tae-seok also finds out who he is and decides to frame the kid for an attack on Seok. Tae-seok is worried that his evil doings will be revealed during the new trial about the side effects of the drug from the Cheon-neon Company, which is why he decided to order a hit on Seok, who is the attorney for the plaintiff. The trial is delayed temporarily, and when hearing re-opens, Jin-ri tries to stop the lawyer who’s taking over Seok (who’s recovering from a broken arm and a mysteriously well-recovered broken spine).


Other than the ongoing trial, Jin-eon and Hae-kang found out that his father murdered her biological father, and it’s Jin-eon’s turn to be the noble idiot (this is so tiring). Chairman Choi is adamant that her father cut the rope himself which caused his fall to death, but Jin-eon and Hae-kang are convinced otherwise. Hae-kang has also kicked her revenge plan into action, by asking a third party stock manipulator to purchase as many Cheon-neon Company’s stocks as possible, and also handing over Chairman Choi’s incriminating evidences to the prosecution. Little did she know that the prosecutor benefitted from Chairman Choi and also his father is the Chois’ chauffeur.


On the sidelines, Seolli has kinda come to terms with it being impossible for her to be with Jin-eon, as well as accepting Hae-kang. She’s now helping Seok and Hae-kang to bring down Tae-seok (oh yay?). Yong-gi and her daughter Woo-joo continue to provide the comedic moments with Tae-seok’s brother Gyu-seok, the robotic doctor. He has fallen for Yong-gi, to his brother’s despair, and God bless Yong-gi for standing up to Tae-seok’s threats and continues a bickering relationship with Gyu-seok.


As most weekenders go, Show slowed down the pace past the half-way mark, and we get some ridiculous plots as fillers. Although Show never really derailed and remembers to bring back some old plot points, it became less interesting than the beginning and is just plodding along. It’s kinda back to being interesting because Hae-kang is fighting to bring Chairman Choi down, and I’m waiting to see how it’ll unfold.