Given how fragile the relationships of our 4-some are with their beaus, it doesn’t take long for things to go downhill for our ladies. But there’s a silver lining to all problems — you get to know what you really want, and also who your true friends really are.

1. Mi-mo


I find Soo-hyun/ Hae-joon’s backstory very interesting, and illuminating. We already kinda suspect that Hae-joon may not really love Mi-mo that much — whether it is a leftover trace from being an Angels’ ex-fan, or juz cos Mi-mo approached him first. However, the issue takes on a different light when we learn that Hae-joon used to have a big-time crush on Soo-hyun’s wife. And worse, she died post-delivery, literally on his watch.

happy15The emotional baggage Hae-joon carried around all these years — and never for once even raising his voice to blame his friend — confirms for me that he wants Mi-mo juz so that “history doesn’t repeat itself”. There probably is bitterness over why his bestie “always” seem to get the girl he sets eyes on first, and irrational fear that if Soo-hyun gets her, she may end up in a sorrier state than if she chose Hae-joon. It totally colors how Hae-joon approaches the relationship, no longer Love, but outright Possession.


And while Mi-mo may appear to be one flighty little Princess at times (Princess cos she sometimes do whine over the MOST trivial thing), one thing she is good at is self-awareness. She mentally registers her unhappiness and disappointment over Hae-joon’s first kiss, instinctively feeling that something is “lacking” even though she only found out the meaning of that kiss later (it was more like to stop her from prattling on about Soo-hyun). And interestingly, before she got to know of the kiss’ significance, she clocks her disappointment on her lack of interest over Hae-joon. Now that she finally knows of Soo-hyun’s long time crush on her, it is time to act on those doubts she have over Hae-joon and re-examine their relationship for good.

2. Dong-mi


Heh. Even if it takes a bucket of ice cold swill water to wake her up, it is fortunate she hasn’t dug herself too deep a hole to crawl out of. And I do like how after a night of crying her eyes out, she dusts herself off, and not let her current bad experience mar her goal to get hitch. (well, some women will quietly fall into depression and become suicidal…) Plus, she gets her payback with Ae-ran’s (and some part time thugs) help.


You can say she is weird in her persistence to get married, but you can’t but help admire her positivity and resilience. Remember, she has always been that ugly duckling — even in Angels. Even after putting in her best effort, and trying her darnedest best, she still gets overlooked in favour of her other friends. But that hasn’t made Dong-mi mean spirited or resent her girlfriends (she even allows Ae-ran to sleepover for nights despite the latter being an obvious intrusion to her daily life). Dong-mi may be a silly lovesick fool, but she is generous and forgiving as well.

3. Ae-ran


Amazingly, she is coping very well even after knowing her husband is a multi-timing jerk and a scheming liar. After her return from the Maldives on a solo “honeymoon”, the first thing that greeted her is a sneering Dong-bae, who snidely asks her to re-examine her value. And Ae-ran knows she is no longer that nubile 20-something, after experiencing firsthand how her customers don’t recognize her, or worse, think her an annoying door-to-door sales ahjumma.

Despite quietly acknowledging that her douchebag husband has a point, Ae-ran doesn’t seem too affected by her situation. Yeah, she may be self-centered at times, but the good side of it is she doesn’t suffer from a poor self esteem.

4. Da-jung


I love the scene in ep8 where the girls are gathered for lunch, and Mi-mo, Dong-mi and Ae-ran immediately launch into “I-am-the-most-pitiable-person-here” spiel, only to rally around Da-jung when she drops the bomb that she has breast cancer matter-of-factly. Immediately, all three chop off their usual whinings and gather around to emotionally support Da-jung.


Without need for any prompting, they turn up at her house prior her big op to cheer her up. Mi-mo also takes it upon herself to pick Da-jung’s son (Tae-yong) from school, and Dong-mi helps in sculpting out a plasticine guardian angel with Tae-yong. And in place of Da-jung’s husband, Geun-hak, (who learns of the cancer but has no courage to face his wife), the girls were there during the op — and after — with Tae-yong.


So while the cancer, and losing her breast(s), are bad things, the low(est) point in Da-jung’s life may well spell a soon-to-come upturn. At least for one thing, Tae-yong is adorably sticking to her now and no longer cold and distant from his mum. (and poor boy…to overhear his father “blaming” him for the marriage breakdown and questioning his own existence as a result…ouch)