Not adding on to the fuel over whether Park Hae-jin got the short end of the straw, but I do find the ending eps of Cheese rather…jarring. Like, it became a totally different story altogether in the last 2 eps. To say I am pissed off is an understatement.

cheese57 First off, the narrative. I never read the webtoon, so I cannot compare it apple for apple. However, drama Cheese started off with a slow beat charm. The plot centres around the eccentric characters, and their inner thoughts. Even though this is a rom-com, we don’t have those K-drama weird things happening to “normal” people that cause them to fall in love (think contract marriages, hate-love relationships).


Similarly, the conflicts in Cheese have never been out of touch with reality. We never had to deal with evil mother-in-laws, crazy chaebol families, hidden birth secrets and what not. The central conflict had been how our 3 characters navigate through their weaknesses, their own histories, and how they eventually mature. Along the way, we also get to see other side characters who appear annoying and oftimes crazy, but later got their comeuppance or regret their behaviours.


So I really cannot understand why a Truck (or Car) of Doom will appear in the penultimate ep of Cheese?! It’s like after giving us so much mellowed goodness, we revert to typical K-drama over-the-top Bad Situation. Seol’s accident isn’t even NECESSARY to Cheese. Given that Cheese already has hinted/ told us earlier that our OTP have several mountains to climb. There’s their disparaging social statuses, Jung’s anger management, Seol’s habit of running away…and these are only issues within the couple. Beyond them are other characters’ problems which also affect them — like In-ho and his checkered past, Seol’s family, Jung’s dad…the list goes on.


Following on the wheels of our ridiculous Car of Doom are K-dramaland’s other 2 seriously-screwed-up themes: Noble Idiocy and Time Leap. It’s like since the narrative is already so messed up, might as well throw these 2 in to complete the jinxed circle. So Jung has to leave cos he feels it’s “all his fault”, only to get a semi-dreamy scene at the end (after 3 years), of our OTP re-uniting. And we can only assume Jung has “recovered”(from whatever) on his own. What the…


Secondly, Cheese messed with the characters I have come to love. And poor In-ha bears the brunt of this most. We already know she is volatile. But to turn her into a screaming banshee in ep15?! Yes, she has issues with abandonment, and Chairman Yoo’s cutting off his ties with her may push her over the edge. But previously, she has shown resilience and a cunning shrewdness in being able to pick herself up, and mooch on her next target. So yes, I do expect some bad behaviours arising from her last meeting with Chairman Yoo…but to think about committing murder? Really? I personally don’t think she is THAT cuckoo. (or stupid)


And Seol. Sigh. After seeing her growth for the last 14eps, she goes back to being the same-old same-old when she graduates and starts work (and loses Jung). It’s a regression, and an unhappy one at that. I’d have thought she’d have found a stronger backbone after standing up to those bullies on her college’s campus.


Cheese‘s ending has been so disappointing. It’s like someone has eaten the cheese, kidnapped the mouse, and left an empty shell of a trap in the room.