Oh man, Signal is doing roller coasters with my emotions. The alternate fate of Soo-hyun’s serial murderer — that was really satisfying, to the point I considered it a “happy ending” of sorts? Like Hae-young says, at least everyone is still alive. And when there’s Life, there’s Hope (and possible Love), so maybe the poor chap who had an abusive childhood will learn that not every warm human contact will end up like the dead puppy in his past.


However, with the conclusion of that serial murderer story comes the all-important case that links all our major characters together. That of the Inju’s High School Girl Gang Rape case. Where a young Hae-young is a partial “participant” to it, since his hyung, Sun-woo, was the accused and his later suicide scarred Hae-young for life. It is also the case where Jae-han becomes sickened with the extent of the corruption within the police force, and sadly, even within his team mates.


At this moment, I doubt the past can be changed, since Jae-han’s partner did tell Soo-hyun that though the Inju case was marked as “closed”, Jae-han continued to work on it. And given that Jae-han can be a relentless bull dog at police work, even he can’t manage to redress Sun-woo’s wrong in the years that follow. It is possible the political and societal climates in Jae-han’s time make it difficult for him to out corrupted govt officials and politicians. Eventually, his continuous ragging at the Inju’s case leads to his death.


So it falls on Soo-hyun now to unravel the mess. When she does (cos there’s no doubt that she can), the next qns is…whose life will be saved? Or nobody’s? After all, Soo-hyun is working in the current time line. Unless…Hae-young shares with her the walkie-talkie secret. I’m hopping mad on why he continues to keep mum over the walkie-talkie. (there’s only 4 more eps to go…come on!!!) More so, when he knows how connected Soo-hyun and Jae-han were in the past. And it is important (not juz emotionally) to Soo-hyun that she knows about Hae-young’s link with Jae-han. Cos I think her patience with Hae-young’s furtiveness and roundabout answers is getting thin.


If (and when) Soo-hyun makes that connection to Jae-han, I believe she will be more of a use to Jae-han than Hae-young. Cos unlike Hae-young, she has the benefit of her memories. If not firsthand memories of the case, at least she’d have heard/seen something from Jae-han (and we all know how observant she is).


At the moment though, things look very bleak for our good guys. Jae-han, in his timeline, is blockaded by Director Kim, who has been using Senator Jang’s money to buy his way through right and left. In the present, Soo-hyun and Hae-young are again blocked from the investigation of Section Chief Ahn’s murder (and the secrets Chief Ahn carried) by the same annoying Director Kim. In addition, they are now saddled with the reality that “missing” Jae-han is a dried out skeleton buried under Kim Sung-bun’s old house.


Then again, the discovery of Jae-han’s body may tilt the favour towards our good guys. Cos the natural question to the discovery of Jae-han’s body would be…who murdered him? It doesn’t make sense that a police officer accused of running away with money (by a thug) be found dead under the same thug’s house isn’t it.


Despite the Inju case being seriously disgusting in terms of the level of corruption, I really don’t mind if Hae-young and Soo-hyun open that can of worms to find out what is rotting underneath.