This is just gonna be a short first impression because 1) it’s a family drama, 2) there’re just way too many characters and storylines to cover even in its first two episodes.


Writer Kim Soo Hyun loves her multi-generation family dramas, and Show is of no difference. Similar to her previous work Childless Comfort, Show revolves around of family of three generations living under a roof, Grandpa Yoo (Lee Soon Jae, everybody’s favorite flower gramps) and Grandma, third son Doctor Yoo and wife, and their two sons Se-hyun (Jo Han Seon) and Se-joon (Jung Hae In). Doctor Yoo’s daughter Se Hee (Yoon So-yi) is married and lives with her husband Na Hyun Woo (Kim Young Hoon).


Grandpa Yoo has two older sons, Min Ho and Kyung Ho, who lives nearby with their families. Eldest son Min Ho is a widower since five years ago, when his son passed away suddenly two months after getting married, and his wife died from grief. Min Ho lives only with his daughter-in-law Ji Seon (Seo Ji Hye) and treats her like his own daughter. Kyung Ho runs a Japanese restaurant and has only one daughter So Hee (Shin So Yool), who works in the same hospital as her cousin Se-hyun.


As mentioned earlier, way too many things happened in 4 episodes: a rich spoilt girl Yoo-ri (Wang Ji Hye) appearing unannounced at the Yoos, begging to marry Se-hyun and claims that they had broken up and got back together 4 times; Grandma’s half-sister making a mountain out of a molehill by claiming that Ji-seon’s staying with her widower father-in-law is setting people’s tongues wagging when it’s actually just Ji-seon’s flighty mother shooting her mouth off without thinking; Se Hee’s husband is having an affair…or not? Show is recommended to all who love their weekend family dramas and prefers to have them more realistic than makjang. And nope, don’t think I’ll be weighing in on this until the end of its run =)