If Cop was all about being down-to-earth and scruffy, Cop 2 is an obvious upgraded version. Everything is sleek and shiny — right down to its characters, be they heroes or villains.


Main Cast:

  • Kim Sung-ryoung (from Heirs) as Ko Yoon-jung. Ex-FBI agent, who has transferred to Korea to head the new Homicide Team 1. Unlike the previous team leader Choi (Kim Hee-ae), Yoon-jung is no “ahjumma” material (in fact, she gets upset when people regard her as such). She dresses to kill (who works in a police station in killer heels?!) and has a bad habit of overspending beyond her means. Meaning: she LOOKS rich, but is in fact, not so.
  • Kim Min-jung (from Mrs Cop) as Park Jong-ho (again). The only member from the previous Homicide Team who is still in Cop 2. He is tasked by the Divisional Chief to regroup Homicide Team 1, after Team Leader Choi left (for overseas?) and the team disbanded. (and no idea where their love story left off…)
  • Im Seul-ong (from Ho-goo’s Love) as Oh Seung-il. Like his predecessor Jin-woo (Sohn Ho-joon in Mrs Cop), he is rash and tactless but an upright and hardworking detective. Like Jin-woo, his first encounter with Yoon-jung (his future team leader) didn’t go very well, and he refers to her as “the crazy ahjumma” when she helps him capture a robber.
  • Sohn Da-bi as Shin Yeo-ok. The other female officer in the team, and very likely future love interest to Seung-il. A rookie in the police force (she used to handle the Call Centre for the police prior to active posting), she is nonetheless quick thinking but a tad aggressive.
  • Kim Boem (from Hidden Identities) as Lee Ro-joon. Good looking CEO of El Capital, a large financial company, but also…a psycho with a love for bashing others’ heads in.


No promises for weecaps/recaps…but here’s the summary for the debut.

Yoon-jung sashays (and i really mean “sashays”) into the spiffy apartment she is viewing with a real estate agent. Although she rejects it “cos the owner is out of town and uncontactable, and she cannot negotiate for a purchase instead of a monthly rental”, we sense the underlying reason is cos the apartment is too expensive. The agent introduces her to another apartment — it’s MUCH cheaper, cos a mass suicide happened there not long ago (the police tapes are still on the door).


Ironically, Yoon-jung is not only unafraid, but interested — her police instinct acts up, and she starts video camming the crime scene. Later at home, she notices that the kitchen window is ajar, and a phone charger is left on top of the washing machine. Next morning, she looks up the detective in charge of the case, and highlights that it is likely the case isn’t a mass suicide, but mass murder. Her hypothesis: the reason why someone would be charging a mobile phone in the washing area of the kitchen is only if s/he needs to smoke (but the occupants are non-smokers) or if s/he is trying to hide conversations from the rest of the family.

After some checks, the police trace that the husband was having an affair, and based on Yoon-jung’s theory, the irate boyfriend/ husband of the mistress had murdered the family and forced them to write a suicide note to disguise the killings.

Ok, so much for Yoon-jung’s brainpowers. Her physical ability and agility come into play when she accidentally helps capture a robber in a shopping complex. Seung-il and his partner have been trailing the robber but unfortunately, their presence spooked him and he escapes…but not before crashing into Yoon-jung, who had juz purchased (using her entire month’s salary) a box of rare porcelain tea set. Yoon-jung is furious after losing her purchase (i feel for her), and gives chase. The robber flees on bike and Yoon-jung hijacks a tour bus full of Jap tourists (her Jap is fluent, btw) who hilariously are more excited than scared of the high speed chase. Seung-il, though, isn’t too pleased with the “civilian” help, and calls Yoon-jung the busybody and crazy ahjumma


Yoon-jung is selected by the Police Comm (cos of her glowing background, and ahem, some connections to the Prosecution Dpt) to head the new Homicide Team 1, with Jong-ho reprising his role as Section Chief. Jong-ho isn’t too pleased to learn that Yoon-jung has a rather dubious history: there were rumours that the case (Buk-dung assault) which made her famous and rise up in ranks was a cover up in reality. Yoon-jung estranged husband, current Seoul District Prosecutor Park Woo-jin (hey there, Director Kim (Jang Hyun-sung) of Signal), was rumoured to have hidden new leads in the case so that both of them get a promotion…and we learn that it is true.

5 years ago, when Yoon-jung was heading the Seoul District Homicide team, she solved an assault case within 2 days. The accused was a cab driver, and he was convicted of assaulting and killing a female passenger. However, on the day where the cab driver was to be executed, Yoon-jung received an anonymous letter containing a picture of a bloody hammer and the deceased’s ID card. She was prepared to own up and stop an innocent man from being hung, but her husband, Woo-jin (who was the lead prosecutor of the case), interfered and burnt the picture. He told her that she should juz “shut an eye” to it. (why am i not surprised Director Kim remains unchanged even in a different story?) Their marriage broke down after that, and Yoon-jung left for the States with her teenage son (Min-jae) to work in FBI (forensics).


More about the bloody hammer…interestingly, someone loves hammering people. Yep, Ro-joon. Or rather, his sidekick cum hitman, Secretary Baek (Choi Jin-ho aka Secretary Min from Oh, My Venus). A short snippet into Ro-joon’s life: he had Secretary Baek trace the man his mum is currently dating, and not-so-subtly threatens him to keep a distance, by having Secretary Baek use (a familiar looking) hammer to drive in a nail into the wall. (trust me, that scene IS creepy) Ro-joon also smilingly point-blank tells his mum never to get serious with any other men, cos he isn’t prone to sharing. (Oedipus complex, anyone?)

Back to Yoon-jung and her new post: she is aware that Jong-ho doesn’t like her, and Jong-ho doesn’t hide that, he gives her a week to form her team…if not, she can resign. (yikes) Yoon-jung’s first recruitment is Officer Bae Dae-hoon (Lee Joon-hyuk), who is a senior patrol police at the Central Division. Knowing that Yoon-jung is new to the Seoul police force (and well, generally ALL the male detectives give her this derisive look…not surprising, considering she turns up in tight fitting skirts and HEELS), Dae-hoon volunteers to help in the recruitment process.

His first recruit: Patrol Officer Kang Sang-chul (Kim Hee-chan), who although is a rookie, is quick thinking and has fast reaction time. Next, comes Seung-il of course. Although notorious for his blockheaded-ness, he is dogged and pit bull material. Yoon-jung has in mind the last person to form her team though: Dae-hoon’s partner, rookie patrol cop, Yeo-ok.


Although Yeo-ok is also relatively new to active duties, she is rather smart. In a domestic violence case which she handled, she suggested the victim calls the station in code — the victim is to ask for an order of “jajiangmyun”, which is the agreed code for “Help me!”. Hilariously, when Yeo-ok sees how battered the poor wife is, she sweetly asks to stay behind to “negotiate” with the abuser (the husband)…but in actual fact, she plans to castrate him as punishment. (luckily Dae-hoon intervened)

And so, the new Homicide Team 1 is formed. (much to Jong-ho’s annoyance)


Which version do I like more? Hmm…tbh…Cop 2. Cos while Cop gives us a unglam Kim Hee-ae, which is a rarity for the actress in Kdramaland (her previous roles are all elegant, prim and beautiful), the premise of a super-model like detective is interesting for a police procedural narrative.


Unlike tomboyish Team Leader Choi, who takes to the police force’s (male-dominated) culture like fish to water, Yoon-jung stands out like a sore thumb. Literally. Her dressing is overly feminine and flashy, she struts around in Madonna-ish sunglasses, tight skirts, and of course, those 6 inches stilettos. And the footwear doesn’t get a chance to be ugly. Even while chasing the robber down the shopping mall’s aisles, she is in a trendy 4 inches ankle boots. (clapclapclap…she reminds me of Claire Dearing in Jurassic World, in her cream heels running from the dinos)

Despite her over-the-top feminity, Cop 2 doesn’t put Yoon-jung down. She proves herself to be juz as sharp and capable as any of the men around her, and so what if she has to run after a robber in heels — she still manages to outrun Seung-il and capture the robber. From what Cop 2 has shown about Yoon-jung, it appears that her male colleagues are the ones who severely underestimate her juz cos of her appearance. I bet that is also one of the main reasons why there are gossips that she rose through the ranks on the wings of her prosecutor husband, and that she is juz another “lucky pretty face”.

If anything, I am rooting for our super model detective to kick sexism in the ass.