Mrs Cop 2: The unexpected

…interesting…Cop 2 is giving us a narrative and characters which not only are different from Cop, but are enigmatic on their own. While Cop gave us very straight-as-arrow police and villain (especially the villain, totally cardboard stock), Cop 2 has very unconventional officers and an even more…atypical villain.


1. The Mama-san Team Leader

Team Leader Ko spends her best moments in the Ladies, retouching her makeup (PPL opportunities!!). And “best moments” are defined as “Eureka!” flashes, where she has her best insights into the case on hand. I can fully comprehend. As a makeup addict myself, the process of retouching your face is very…zen-like. Extremely helpful when you need to “think-out-of-the-box” — all that daily stressors can cotton wool your instincts. 😛


So yes, while Team Leader Choi solves cases by the conventional methods — hitting the streets, going for days without baths (eew), and basically surviving on jajiangmyun, Team Leader Ko cracks cases by juz…staring into the mirror.


And Cop 2 rubs this further in by having her Second-in-Command, Dae-hoon, playing the typical cop and failing to dig up anything useful about the serial murders case the team is working on. He goes in with all the conventional cop stuff, like trawling through tonnes of paperwork and files, looking for missed evidence, walking the streets interviewing and re-interviewing witnesses…and gets ticked off by Team Leader Ko twice for his inefficiency in return. She simply tells him to track the victims’ online SNS profiles, and hey presto!, she finds the links between the victims immediately.


A summary of Team Leader Ko (Yoon-jung)’s first case. It’s a cold case (1 year expired to be exact), which Section Head Park has thrown to her, in an attempt to force her to resign. (so bad) However, instead of being scared off, Yoon-jung discovers the link between the assigned case and the case which she took on 5 years ago. And not only that, similar cases have been happening in between the 5 years, always on the same date (15 March). Section Head Park is finally convinced of the serial murder links and even though the prime suspect (at the moment) is El Capital’s CEO, Ro-joon, he wasn’t in the country the last 5 years. Later investigations (and some help from Ro-joon — more on that later), reveal the possible suspect to be female, and her targets are other women who have been receiving bad press online.


Unfortunately, Chief Prosecutor Park (aka Yoon-jung’s hubby) isn’t keen to re-open the case (since it will not reflect well on his career). He forms a team under the Prosecution Office and steals info from Yoon-jung — as long as his team captures the female psycho first, he would be able to limit the damage on himself.

2. The villain who is … a detective?


I mentioned that Ro-joon has a hand in pointing Yoon-jung to the cases’ suspect…and yes, he actually does his own investigative work. He was present at the site where the last victim was murdered. The victim was already attacked and dying when he arrived with his Secretary. His only crime was not helping her seek medical attention, but instead used her thumbprint to forge a document which will allow him to buy over the victim’s educational institution.


Pissed that he is the prime suspect, and annoyed with “police inefficiency” which may cause his shareholders to out vote him from his CEO position, Ro-joon decides to investigate the serial murders on his own. And he actually manages to solve the case — he points out to Yoon-jung that the victims showed no signs of distress/ tried to escape before they were harmed, so either they knew the attacker…or the attacker is the same gender as them (which will automatically lower their psychological defenses against a stranger).


Clever, isn’t it? And it’s the first time a marked villain (Ro-joon definitely isn’t a “nice guy” in any ways) actively helps our “good guy (or gal)”. Granted, it may not be 100% out of goodwill, but while investigating, Ro-joon clearly shows interest in detective work…and is kinda happy to help. To the extent of ploughing through the case files procured by his Secretary and scouring through the net for traces of the psychopath. Not exactly “simple” work.


And it probably helps that Kim-beom makes an attractive villain, better than Ahjusshi Son Byung-ho…:P

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  1. The first episode was so funny with the chase scene and bus of tourists. I was hoping each episode would be like that, but not so. And yes, Kim Beom is a hottie and a baddie. His smile/smirk is lethal for sure!

  2. Kim Bum is really blowing me away! I admit that I didn’t find him that menacing in the first two episodes, but dang, he’s proving himself capable episode 3 onwards. There’s this scene in episode 6 (I won’t give spoilers) where he cleared any previous doubts I had. He gives me chills.

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