Mrs Cop 2: Of lipsticks, heels, bags…and idiots

If you find Mrs Cop on the boring side, you should try Mrs Cop 2. While most Kdramas tend to fail in their subsequent installations, Cop 2 defies the trend. I really enjoyed Cop 2 much more than its predecessor, proven by the simple fact I have yet to press the ffwd button.


And I’d say most credits go to Kim Sung-ryoung for her portrayal of feisty, but materialistic Team Leader Ko Yoon-jung. Because she is so “un-cop” like, and so belittled by her male bosses and colleagues (they call her mama-san behind her back), it feels doubly great to see her cracking cases where the “superior gender” has failed. More so when she doesn’t bother to bend and conform, even though she knows her behavior and attire annoy her police peers very much. In the end, THEY had to adapt to HER.


Section Team Leader Park Jung-ho claims he gets a headache whenever he hears Yoon-jung’s heels going tip-tappaty-tap around the precinct’s corridors. His not-so-subtle requests to get Yoon-jung to change into “quieter” shoes are met with a blatant “sorry, but no”. Ends up, he bought pretty, glittery flats for her in order to entice her to swop out the heels. (lol) It works. For a while. (hey, the Louboutins are a greater lure)


Sadly, the male chauvinists in the police station love to associate Yoon-jung’s abilities with her dressing. So coming to office looking all dolled up and model-like equate her to a brainless bimbo. When she and her team take on a case of pick pockets, besides raised eyebrows (since the other homicide teams are after “bigger” fish), there’s a collective judgment being passed by the other male cops that Yoon-jung (and her team) are only “good” for the “peanut cases”. (Cop 2 has a male cop explains that pick pockets in Seoul are now mostly limited to homeless elderly who have no means of surviving…the gangs in the past had been mostly wiped out)


And haha, who should Yoon-jung’s team haul in but a professional group of pickpockets, who are not only young, but have links to mobs and the underworld? Cue: the sound of jaws dropping all around. To rub salt in, Yoon-jung demands a “reward” from Jung-ho, cos he had been the one who “tsked” the loudest at her choice of criminals. Her reward isn’t the usual typical cop-type of reward either (read: those samgyupsal + soju gatherings), but a branded handbag. To help the very clueless Jung-ho purchase said bag, Yoon-jung even helpfully send a picture to him. (lol)


It’s ironic that within Yoon-jung’s team, besides herself, her 4 other members are what you’d consider “old-school” type of police officers. Yes, like Dae-hoon, they are all scruffy, can take days of non-baths, survive on rubbish while staking out a criminal…but they all appear to operate mindlessly. Dae-hoon already got ticked off previously for not realizing he can use SNS to track down a suspect. And this time, it’s Yeo-ok’s turn. Her wallet was pickpocketed (and thus, she proposed tracking down the thieves), but she has zero idea how pickpockets operate. Her buddy (and sunbae), Seung-il, is as much as a greenhorn (despite being a full fledged detective before the transfer). While staking out the pickpockets’ hot zone, they easily give themselves away as cops. (wonder where he trained…)


If anything, Cop 2 is doing great at subverting stereotypes. A well-dressed, well-heeled female officer will work juz as well — if not, better — than one who is your typical tomboy.

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