Mrs Cop 2: The Hapless Bunch

I juz can’t help but find it hilarious that Homicide Team 1 basically only has one person who has the brains and experience to be called a cop. And that one person looks the least like a cop.


Whereas, her team members, who are supposedly pulled from various police departments, are rather clueless about investigation process. Besides Dae-hoon (overlooking his outdated policing techniques), who has some sort of “relevant experience”, the others (surprisingly, even Seung-il) are all rookie-level.


Which is why during team meetings, the weirdest questions are asked. Yeo-ok (ok, she has the least field experience, coming from Police Call Centre background) shows her ineptitude again in ep7 when she asks what is the difference between Person A harming but not killing Person B, versus Person A actually killing Person B. (honey, the difference is between assault and homicide…which carries different sentences) *face palm* Although she may not have actual investigative experience, I would have assumed that being recruited into the police force (regardless of whether the posting is in the Call Centre or actual field work), she would have basic police knowledge.


Sang-chul too, is another proven rookie. Similar to Yeo-ok, other than a sometimes unbridled aggressiveness, he is rather clueless about investigation. He can ask questions to his colleagues from other departments on how to read a GPS tracking map. Lastly, Seung-il, despite being a “full fledged” detective himself, proves useless at the simplest task of shadowing a target effectively.


So no wonder that Yoon-jung has to spoonfeed the bunch on what to do, what to expect and how to carry out the missions. I sometimes wonder if it’s pure luck that she stumbles upon big cases and solves them with her team. Like the recent international fraudster case in ep7 — her team was supposed to finish up the reporting on the pickpocket organized group, but stumbles upon evidence for the fraudster case which the other Teams are dealing with (but with zero results). Cos juz happens, one of the petty (car) thief whom Dae-hoon and Sung-chul are investigating, stole a car where the fraudster has hidden his loot. Said loot matches the items (including wads of cash) that the victims have lost.


Oh well, to be nicer to them, ignoring their prolonged OJT (On The Job Training), the rookies in Yoon-jung’s team do pick up on their lessons fast enough, and are unfailingly loyal to their team leader. Seung-il is all ready to pick a fight with male colleagues from other Teams who gossip behind Yoon-jung’s back (and that was as early as ep3). Yeo-ok too, despite her (frequent) blockheadedness, idolizes Yoon-jung. She thinks Yoon-jung is pretty cool and smart, even though the two ladies’ personalities are as polarized as night and day. Yoon-jung is all for being presentable, and goes after material goods, whereas Yeo-ok can stand not washing her hair (or showering) for days. (eeks)

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