Descendants of the Sun: Superheroes!

Tbh, I have never felt for once any tiny bit of anxiety over Sun, despite their protagonists being involved in pretty dangerous jobs. A Special Ops soldier? A field medic? A doctor? (doctors have potential for getting nasty infections) In reality, if any of my loved ones are in this field, I’d generally go nuts with worry if they are away. (especially if they get posted to godforsaken places like imaginary Urk)


In Sun though, that potential for anxiety never happens. True, many events DO happen. Our female lead gets kidnapped and (slightly) roughed up by a ruthlessly (handsome) rogue soldier, her frenemy gets infected with a(n) (imaginary) virus, the team meets with an earthquake, saves some, and had to let some die (heroically), our soldiers get involved in top secret missions which involves plenty of gymnastics and gun fights…they are entertaining. Do I feel the need to bite off my nails? Nah.


That is not to say I do not like watching Sun. In fact, I find it kinda like an opiate, or a Mills and Boons romance novel (er…not sure if you are in my era where those racy tales are read beneath covers). Sun gives me a happy feeling after watching.


It’s basically any female viewer’s fantasy — you have a female lead who is spunky, and if we ignore she is Song Hye-kyo (and impossibly pretty), she has the usual silly quirks and mundane worries that normal women have. Then throw in this seriously dashing male lead, who is not only a soldier (a lot of women do have uniform fetishes), but also humorous, kind, blahblahblah… It’s a recipe for female fandom. Of cos, my guy friends (those who deign to watch Kdramas with me) are hooked too. But to ask someone like my hubby, who after watching a single (swooning) episode, ends up snorting like a bull… ok, he’s definitely not within the targeted group. (my hub much prefers brain teasers like Signal or Pied Piper)


Even with ep15 (spoilers!) devoting 50% of screen time to see which of the female leads cry the prettiest (cos they think their darlings are dead), I really cannot feel any sense of dread…or loss…or grief. Cos I’m like 500% sure that Shi-jin will stride towards his Mo-yeon with the sun behind his back. Which does happen.


So yeah, happy endings. I do like them. No stress, ignore the sometimes loopy narratives, accept that Shi-jin CAN and WILL come back from the dead (well, he already proved he doesn’t need surgery after losing so much blood in ep14) and will sweep Mo-yeon (and us) off our feet.


Super hero, indeed.

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