Now that our feisty ahjumma cop is going head to head with the resident bad boy, it’s hard not to compare between the 2 Cop(s).

1. Team Leaders Choi vs. Ko


In terms of intellect, I’d say both are at the same level? Even though Team Leader Ko, with a FBI portfolio under her belt, initially appears to be more of the high flyer type. However, Yoon-jung’s recent altercation with Ro-joon reveals that she…hmm…sometimes doesn’t use her common sense. Earlier on, when she met with Ro-joon on the serial hammerer case, she should have been more wary of him. Ro-joon had quickly order Secretary Baek to take a picture of them, and later, this incriminating photo (of a police officer meeting a crook secretly) becomes her Achilles heel.


That is not to say Young-jin (in Cop) is super clever either. She is dogmatic, yes, but she is still led on a merry goose chase by the also-not-very-brainy Chairman Kang. What she does share with Yoon-jung is keen observation skills, and persistence. And both women love their family deeply, juz that Yoon-jung’s family is a little bit more complicated, with her neither here nor there divorce with Prosecutor Park.

However, I do feel Yoon-jung (despite her sleek, shiny exterior) a lot more emotional than Young-jin. When Yoon-jung gets frustrated with Ro-joon slipping through her fingers repeatedly, she does the silliest thing — she punches him. Which, duh. And then she decides to go off the grid and not report for work for 2 weeks. More duh.

2. Baddie Chairman Kang vs. Ro-joon


Ro-joon definitely beats Kang in terms of physical appearance (he’s Kim-beom), and intellect. However, in terms of invincibility, Chairman Kang wins Ro-joon. I’ve mentioned last week that though Ro-joon may be a shark, he is surrounded by other Great Whites as well. Not only are his Board Members after his blood, the media is not exactly kind to CEO Lee either. The tiniest whiff of the handsomely cruel CEO being up to no good (like sponsoring a fraudster, or laundering money through the underworld), the reporters pick it up and go crazy over it.

I dunno…but being pressured on all sides seems to validate Ro-joon’s need for “extreme measures”. Like how he insidiously forces a father of a sick daughter to pull off her life support, in order to cast blame on the hospital — a hospital which he is keen to take over. He gets the hospital (cos of the ensuing bad rep) at a discounted price.


In contrast, Chairman Kang is juz… raving mad. He loses his temper easily, throws things around, whacks people up with clubs, and basically isn’t one to hide his “humbler” background. He is a thug through and through. Even his methods to obtain revenge or carry out dirty jobs are done through his previous underworld connections.

So while Ro-joon uses his superior intellect and operates like a lone wolf, Chairman Kang is like an Alpha with a wolf pack.

3. The Homicide Team


Tbh, I very much prefer Cop‘s (aka Young-jin) team. They are cooler, smarter, move as one, and practically unbeatable. The “old-school” cop, Jae-dook, has been Young-jin’s partner for years, and knows her temper and quirks like the back of his hand. In fact, if he isn’t married already, he probably is a good match for Young-jin. Jin-woo and Do-young (aka the lovers) complement each other perfectly as well; Do-young has the brains and looks (plus guts to match, though her fighting prowess is a little lacking), and Jin-woo works on instinct and being extremely familiar with the underworld himself (plus, he backs Do-young up during fights…cos he’s juz peerless). Rounding up is maknae Se-won, who manages to pull his own weight as the resident hacker-type, well versed in digital crimes.


In contrast, Yoon-jung’s team is… disappointing. That is not to say they don’t work well. They do. There is camaraderie between them, even though it’s the first time any of them are working together, and under Yoon-jung. Dae-hoon, who is closest to Yoon-jung, is a good counter weight to her — while Yoon-jung can be a little rash (like I said, she is quite emo), he is calm and unflappable. The other members are still pretty wet behind the ears, but are quickly picking up on investigative skills. And although wooden Yeo-ok is still spouting weird questions and sometimes, offensive remarks, she too is learning.

But I agree with Section Chief Park’s assessment: the old team is still better.