I’m conflicted after watching Vampire ep4. For one, I am glad the big picture is finally weaving its way into the narrative, but on the other hand, I get the feeling that some time has passed or something, and there’s gap which I am unaware of?


To elaborate: there are hints in ep4 that San and Goo-hyung have reached an “understanding” of sorts. Vampire strongly suggests that Goo-hyung knows about San’s special status: that he isn’t entirely…human. There are so many token glances between the 2 guys, and embarrassing “whoops” moments when Goo-hyung almost let slip to Gyeo-wool that San is an “undead”. Did San share with Goo-hyung on his latest discovery wrt his new powers, and new body? For example, like how he no longer needs to rely on pain control medication and can now run, leap, and fight longer and better than before…or that his gunshot wound (plus other recent wounds) have miraculously disappeared…or that he suddenly has an increased sensitivity to the smell and sight of blood?


Similarly, did Goo-hyung mutely accept San’s newfound status? And he subsequently decides that he will be the “blood donor” (aka feeder) to San? We see that San now has a handy blood inhaler which he uses to satiate his blood cravings when he gets too “high” (or possibly, when he gets injured).


Thing is…we don’t know for sure. And Vampire isn’t telling us at this moment. That’s why I get this disjointed feeling that maybe a certain amount of time has lapse. However, the narrative for Vampire picks up from where eps2 and 3 left off — we see San pestering Jung Ji-woong (in that broadcaster’s case) for the cloaked woman’s identity, and also police officer Sun-young reappears to follow up on her finding of Yoo-jin/ Tae-woo’s possible new and secret identities. I assume not THAT much time has passed, so when did Goo-hyung and San sat down and talk about the vampire thing? No idea.


The upside though, is we don’t get cases that seem disjointed — even though Vampire tries to us they are not, by showing at the end (duh) that the previous cases are all linked to this mysterious cloaked woman whom San immediately assumes is Yoo-jin. Big Bad Vampire Yo-na finally makes her appearance after weeks of us seeing partial shots of her face, hands, and nails. Though we don’t know for now what is her purpose for dabbling in human organs’ trafficking and killing models, we can surmise that she probably feeds on those poor humans.


Gyu-min’s association with Yo-na is more clear cut. In ep4, we learn that Yo-na is frustrated with her inability to face sunlight, and is very pissed off with San, who she probably knows has “usurped” Gyu-min’s special blood serum meant for her. More so when San seems to be running after her with the intent of capturing her and spoiling her plans (whatever they are) in the process. San’s persistence finally pays off, as Yo-na decides she will face him head-on and not use her (so far, rather useless) underlings to get rid of San.


More interesting though is Yoo-jin’s (and Tae-woo) association with Yo-na. At least now we know San’s dogged belief that Yoo-jin + Tae-woo are alive is not juz pure delusion on his part. They are out there, and chasing after the same target as San. Which makes Vampire‘s narrative slightly more interesting. Cos while San may be on par with Yo-na (both are undeads), Yoo-jin/ Tae-woo may still be humans. In that case, are they aware that the target they are spying on is much more powerful than them?