Entertainer – First Impression

SBS’ newest offering for the Wednesday-Thursday slot, Entertainer is drama that may be a little slow and a little obvious on story development, but definitely hints at something that’s darker than what is shown so far. Although a drama about the entertainment circle, it’s not like Producers where alot of meta were thrown in, it does reveal some possible truths about how this circle operates.


Ji Sung plays (yet another) cocky and arrogant character Shin Seok Ho, who is a Director for a top entertainment company KTOP, training some of the most popular idol group in Show’s universe. He intends to strike it out on his own, which of course does not bode well to his boss (because Seok Ho plans to bring away with him the idol group Jackson, KTOP’s cashcow), who sneakily offers Seok Ho’s position to his assistant in return for disgracing Seok Ho. It’s not that difficult to make Seok Ho lose everything, as he offends people left right and centre, and what’s worse he drives a budding songwriter to commit suicide. Even so, Seok Ho doesn’t see where he is wrong, and that’s where our other characters come in.


After facing a possible career slump in Seoul, Seok Ho heads to Busan in hopes to receive some help from a friend. It turns out that that friend is just letting Seok Ho taste his own medicine, for toying with him previously and then coldly rejecting that friend’s pleas for help. Even so, Seok Ho decides to revive his own career by seeking out talents and he comes across Jo Ha Neul (Kang Min Hyuk).


Ha Neul is an orphan with his (not) sister Jung Geu Rin (Hyeri), whose parents died in a car crash which we learn subsequently their death was partly because of Ha Neul. Anyway, Ha Neul is wrongfully accused of sexually harassing a female classmate (who’s also a rookie artiste signed with KTOP). There’re hints that Seok Ho’s unloyal assistant orchestrated the lawsuit, but we have no idea why Ha Neul was targeted and maligned. We’re also not told why despite having different surnames, Geu Rin is Ha Neul’s legal guardian and Ha Neul calls her noona just like real siblings. Geu Rin was also not present in a family photo when Ha Neul was much younger, so I’m interested in how they become a family. Also, Ha Neul apparently knows Seok Ho since childhood, so I’m waiting for Seok Ho to find out that link as well.


I’m surprised to learn that the reactions towards Show’s first outing were mostly negative, as I thought it’s not a bad watch, and I was able to follow the story without paying too much attention, even though many complained of the bad editing. I do agree that Hyeri’s acting is still subpar, her expression of sadness is pretty much the same despite different scenes. I like however, the budding bromance between Seok Ho and Ha Neul, and the latter being the one getting Seok Ho to compromise and not the other way round, when Seok Ho tries to convince Ha Neul to debut as a singer. I think Show has the potential to be a heartwarming story of people finding their dreams despite its plot being obvious, so I wouldn’t write it off just yet. Plus, there’s Ji Sung and Kang Min Hyuk!

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