I muz say, Vampire Detective is really living up to its title. Vampire is basically a show where the protagonist happens to be an undead with an undead’s abilities. Nothing much else. The bigger story arc about Yo-na vs. Yoo-jin? Merely a side dish.


It’s so frustrating!!! We are already at the halfway mark and all Vampire offered us is case after case where San finds the perpetuator with or without his vampy senses. Vampire seems intent to exemplify the abilities San has acquired and how they help in his crime solving — one by one. We already know about his sensitivity to blood and ability to see into the past on why blood was shed. In ep5, we are introduced to another 2 new abilities. San’s heightened sense of hearing, and sight. He hears the rope holding the stage prop being sawed thin by Eun-chae, but seems a little shell-shocked with his (another) ability to act on it initially.


Anyway, San solves the crime — as expected of him — using a combination of his already-proven human intelligence coupled with his vampire abilities. Full stop. Then he gets a phone call out of the blue from Yo-na, requesting to meet up. (duh) I doubt this case has anything to do with Yo-na considering Vampire has kept Yo-na (and Yoo-jin) out of the pic for the last hour. The call is basically a not-so-subtle reminder to us and San that, yup, there was/is a slightly bigger mystery — at the corner of our eyes.


Seriously though, I am not the most patient of people, and the wait for the big reveal (whatever it is) is killing me in boredom.