I really wasn’t expecting Show to be good, much less making me wait for new episodes every weekend. But it unexpectedly has alot of heart, and the chemistry between our leads are as awesome as it can be. Show is one which the ending (or the lack thereof) doesn’t really matter; what matters is how our characters developed and become a better person.


UEE and Lee Seo Jin were not the strongest actress and actor in the past, but they really shined as their respective characters here, which made Show even more engaging besides the heartstrings tugging storyline. While the side characters who supported Hye Soo (UEE) and Ji-hoon (Lee Seo Jin) were endearing and a blessing to have friends like them, the antagonistic characters were pretty one-dimensional.


I think it’s a shame that Na Yoon (Kim Yoo Ri) has such little screen time (although thankfully she’s not too much of a bitchy witch vying for the affections of Ji-hoon) and Ji-hoon’s brother Jung-hoon (Kim Young Pil) is beyond pathetic. I thought Jung-hoon was angry that Na Yoon ditched him for little bro again, but somewhere along the line it turned out that he’s mad at Ji-hoon for outshining him. It’s not out of character, but the transition wasn’t as smooth (or am I missing something?)


While Hye Soo struggles to be a good parent, the other parents in Show are pretty dysfunctional. I do like the change in Ji-hoon’s mother, and it was poignant that Hye Soo and her daughter Eun-seong were the ones who light up her life. Ji-hoon’s father on the other hand, was so draconian I actually respect his wife for enduring his nonsense and never once lose her cool. Her only failure was Jung-hoon who I’d say, I think she did her best as a mother but he’s just a loser son. She also brought up Ji-hoon as well as she could I believe, given she could have been just another stock evil stepmother since Ji-hoon is a mistress’ son, but I think the interaction between her and Ji-hoon suggested a civil relationship.


I think the winning point of Show has to be the bonding betweeen Eun-seong and Ji-hoon. It was hate at first sight, given Eun-seong although young but has a mind of her own and Ji-hoon is a grumpy ahjusshi (pretty much like the real-life Lee Seo Jin we see on 3 Meals a Day). The change came when Eun-seong began to accept Ji-hoon as her Mom’s new “beau” (coz that’s what she was told when Ji-hoon and Hye Soo had to be legally married for their organ trading deal) and prolonged interactions with Eun-seong opens Ji-hoon up, and we have a unbreakable bond formed betweeen this two. If father-daughter interactions are your cup of tea, Show has plenty to offer even though Ji-hoon and Eun-seong are not biologically related.


Overall Show offers plenty of heart and hope, telling the story in a grounded manner. It doesn’t matter narratively that Hye Soo will die eventually, as we know she has herself surrounded by people who genuinely loves her. We also know Eun-seong will be in good hands so even if Hye Soo passes away, her daughter now has a Dad to care for her even if they aren’t related by blood (and two grandmothers too). A quaint little drama that’s worth 16 hours of your time, do give it a try.