sab: This sounds like a really lame excuse for the sluggish posting on Nekosdrama…but there’s nothing nice on TV streaming sites nowadays!! I can hardly find one kdrama which really interest me enough to want to drop everything to watch. Not after Signal and Pied Piper. I suppose Neighbourhood Lawyer is kinda filling in their gaps. Tbh, if you compare the sometimes illogical plot of Lawyer to the better scripted Signal, Lawyer is obviously lacking. Lawyer‘s redeeming quality is its feel-good quality — doesn’t take much for Deul-ho to thwack Chairman Jung repeatedly from the back, and it’s satisfying to watch.


kooriyuki: Yeah, that’s why we haven’t been churning out posts as regularly as we should, because whatever we’re watching now is not stimulating the writing juices. I blame it on Signal; it’s so well-written and whatever that comes after Signal dulls in comparison. It’s so mentally and emotionally fulfilling watching Signal, with all that triumphing the baddies. I wouldn’t say Neighbourhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho is illogical, but more like the plot points can sometimes be over simplified and the main villain is way too two dimensional. The other supporting characters are better written, thankfully. And let’s not forget the extremely cute and heart-warming scenes between Deul-ho and his daughter Soo-bin.

sab: Yeah, the characters are what kept me coming every week to tune in to Lawyer. And well, I’ve finally started on Oh Hae-young Again. And glad to say, I love the cinematography. Is so dreamy! And oh ya, there’s Eric too. More about that during my First Impression post next week.


kooriyuki: Phew, real life’s a bitch and I simply don’t have time to start on Oh Hae-young Again. I’m however, continuing some of the on-going dramas like Monster. True to the writers’ style, the main lead’s revenge must spawn many plotlines and characters, and most importantly, making sure that it’s as dramatic as possible. While it is pretty entertaining for the casual viewer, I can understand why the ratings were absymal because there’s nothing new in the storytelling and everything is so been-there-seen-that (hence nothing to talk about). So why am I watching it? Coz Dad’s watching and hey, there’s Kang Ji Hwan!


sab: And while we are whining about having nothing to watch, 2 potentially watchable kdramas appear on the radar this week — Dear My Friends and Mirror of the Witch. Yikes. More to add on to the backlog. In addition, Journey to the West is combining its Season 2 with 3 (yep), with the cast and crew taking a short break before leaving again for Lijiang, China. I’ll be covering the review once the entire series is over (?)…so ahem, will kooriyuki do us the honour of covering Friends and Mirror?


kooriyuki: I have to say the weekenders are really much better, having followed through a number of weekenders (Marriage Contract, Ms Temper and Nam Jung-gi). I’ve caught the first episode of Dear My Friends, and I have to say it’s hilarious watching the veterans. It’s not so much of the hijinks, but there’re some things about the elderly which we young ‘uns never realise, and I appreciate that Friends portray the elders in a relatable way. So yes, hopefully I’ll come up with the first impression post of both Friends and Mirror (hey it’s Yoon Shi Yoon!) ASAP!