I’m sorry if Vampire is your latest Kdrama fix at the moment, but I seriously am losing patience with San and gang (human or otherwise). Imo, there are so many things wrong with Vampire, I really dunno how to begin listing them…


1. The women

One of the major teeth-gnashing issues I have with Vampire is pathetically weak female characters. I am aware that traditionally, OCN is into the macho stuff (the station hardly have works that include femme fatales that are REALLY fatales in nature). However, peppering Vampire with a boatload of bimbos is really… irking.


Bimbo 1: Se-ra. She has no role at all to play in Vampire other than strut around displaying her tits and bums. Plus, serving the male viewers’ sexual fantasy of young, nubile nurses in tight, cosplaying nurse wear. Other than applying band aids and cooing over her  dominantly male patients (sometimes with an extra serving of close-boobs physical contact), Se-ra doesn’t do her profession any justice. But oh yeah, she is a model/actress before she signed up as Dr Hwang’s “nurse”.

And who salivates over her? Mainly the ahjusshis in Vampire — Goo-hyung, Dr Hwang, and more recently, the small time charlatan, Dong-il. (massive eye-roll)


Bimbo 2: Yo-na. I’ve dealt with how “threatening” she was in ep7, with all that slinking around in tight dresses and pouty red lips. Until now, I don’t understand why Vampire (ep7) needs to show Yo-na refreshing her makeup and having a mini makeover — changing from a tight fitting, but still utilitarian, pants-jumper to a sexy lace short dress — before meeting Young-kwang. I understand she wanna “look her best” in front of her old beau, but hey, you are supposedly the terrifying ringleader of a secret society that deals with humans’ organs and blood trafficking.


Bimbo 3: Gyeo-wool. Ok, so Vampire keeps reminding us that she has some smarts, is a great hacker, blahblah. But notice she is always left at the door by the guys? And really, her “hacking” skills are limited to staring intently at her laptop. We don’t really get a display of her so-called intelligence or prowess. And it doesn’t help when in nearly every ep, the baddies leer over her, and try to get her to “work” (with inherent sexual innuendos) for them.

2. A jumpy snail-like narrative


I’m ok if Vampire takes its time to dole out the bigger story arc — if it has like 50eps to go. Unfortunately, it’s capped at 10. And we are already 80% there, and still going nowhere. Other than ep7, which very, very briefly allows us a glimpse into the alternate world which San et. al. (including our fav prosecutor Min) will/may operate, there’s no reference to the vampire world in most of the cases. True, we are “reminded” of this non-human universe at the end (or beginning) of every ep, but they act like book enders.  They can be removed, and the mini-narrative (or case of the day) can operate juz as well without them.


If that is not irritating enough, Vampire also has an issue with continuity. I am ok with dramas occasionally allowing viewers to “fill in the blanks”, but not like all the time? Maybe Vampire is rushing cos it only has 10eps in total (then why is it dithering on its main narrative???), but I really have no idea how much time has lapse in between each ep. For example, ep7 ends with San rushing to rescue his colleagues from the bar, then in ep8, we see them all hale and hearty like nothing has happened. Maybe nothing really happened. Whatever. Like I care.

3. Juvenile cases


It annoys me to no end when a case of the day is so SIMPLE, and the detective team takes like forever to crack it. The latest case in ep8 is no different — other than it having more screaming (mainly from our “favourite” childcare principal in Lawyer). If Dr Hwang and the detectives already suspect the priest is a charlatan, why do they still allow him to perform whatever stupid rites on Dr Hwang’s sister? (and it’s so obvious the sister is acting out the possession-by-ghost thingy, cos we learn that she was from a performing theatre group)


I am ok with leaving my brains at the door — but for a drama that is NOT supposed to be a police procedural. Especially one where viewers are not omniscient and we are “supposed” not to know whodunit. Vampire completely doesn’t make the mark.