Neighbourhood Lawyer: Prosecutor Shin (and 2 others)

Seriously, I wasn’t expecting Lawyer to suddenly delve into our “evil trio” this late into the show (assuming no more extensions, there’s only like 4 more eps to go). Prosecutor Shin takes centrestage in eps15/16, as Lawyer goes deeper into the few earlier hints (flashbacks by Deul-ho), proving that he was a different man then when he “recruited” Deul-ho as protégé. More interesting though, is his relationship with Chairman Jung.


You’d thought that the person who foots the bill (aka Chairman Jung) holds the upper hand in the “friendship” with Prosecutor Shin. Turns out that the latter is more wily than he lets on. I dunno whether he had it planned all along, but I suspect so. From the fact that he never allows his name to appear in the ledger, and uses a fake name to transact in Chairman Jung’s stocks — it all points to his foresight that Chairman Jung will topple (either by his own hands or someone else’s) in the near future. And he keeping a copy of the damning documents which Hye-kyung “signed”? Very wise indeed — since it will keep Lawyer Jang in check.


So is Prosecutor Shin juz a very smart opportunist at heart? On the contrary. Imo, I believe he was tempted to stray along the way, probably because he felt disheartened with his career (given that the rich bad guys continue to go scot free in most crimes). From Deul-ho’s flashback in ep16, before he knows Chairman Jung, Prosecutor Shin appears to be an upright prosecutor, a good mentor and someone whom both Deul-ho and his son, Ji-wook, look up to. And both Ji-wook and Deul-ho are not “bad” people, so I kinda trust their judgement when it comes to a person whom they admire. So it is likely that something drastic (?) happened along the way, leading him to joining hands with Chairman Jung for personal gains. And he uses his smarts to ensure that when Chairman Jung falls, he won’t be implicated.


Which puts him a class above Lawyer Jang and Chairman Jung. To be fair, Lawyer hasn’t gone much into Geum-san’s leading lawyer aka Hye-kyung’s dad. Other than he disapproves of Deul-ho’s lowly station, but cos of his love for his only daughter, had reluctantly caved to the marriage. He appears to be more like the many leeches that hang on to Chairman Jung, and is now quaking in his boots cos the corruption scandal may hit him. Unlike Prosecutor Shin, he isn’t seen to be actively coming up with a Plan B to extricate himself (much less gain) from the mess — other than ignoring Chairman Jung’s calls initially, and later re-pledging his allegiance once he learns about Prosecutor Shin’s “rescue plan”. So, unless he listens to Hye-kyung or accepts Deul-ho’s help (on Hye-kyung’s behalf), he will not get out of this unscathed.


But we all know who will definitely be going down — Chairman Jung. Ironically, despite all his angry behavior, his hollering, his threats to “do away” with Deul-ho, he is one of the funniest villains I’ve seen in kdramaland. In fact, I nickname him privately as “Teddybear”. His recent spiel on how he rise to the top with “juz an elementary school education” doesn’t impress me — it juz cements the impression that he is like an elementary school kid, who doesn’t know what to do when he doesn’t get what he wants, other than throw a noisy tantrum. Add to the roly-poly image of him huffing and puffing, turning red with indignance at being caught out by Deul-ho multiple times…he really looks like a teddy with his fur fluffed up. (so cute)


So yeah, when you place the enigmatic Prosecutor Shin beside the funny 2D villain that is Chairman Jung, and the also 2D conspirator Lawyer Jang, Prosecutor Shin is intriguing, to say the least.

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